Action RPG The Ascent Coming Soon to Xbox Series X

Welcome to The Ascent Group, a self-contained metropolis stretching high into the sky and filled to the brim with weird and wonderful creatures from across the galaxy. When the survival of your district is threatened, it’s up to you to stop rival corporations and crime syndicates from seizing control – by any means necessary.

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monkey602568d ago

This trailer grabbed me instantly and then lost me at Isometric shooter

NecrumOddBoy568d ago

The Sci-Fyberpunk theme is pretty cool but if this is just a co-op twin-stick that would be lame. I like the isometric vibe though. It's not too shabby in it's aesthetics.

Poopmist568d ago

Reminds me of Ruiner. Looks cool

AK91568d ago

This game is an Outriders level game for me it’s drab boring and uninteresting, a definite pass from me.