Nearly 3 years is long enough: We need a Super Mario Odyssey sequel

Nintendo Switch could really use a Super Mario Odyssey 2 to expand on the first's incredible gameplay mechanics. It's the sequel we all need (plus BOTW2)!

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zacfoldor449d ago

Yes. One of my fav games ever. I really hope we get a sequel soon.

SLiSH83449d ago

Super Mario World 3 instead please

CDbiggen449d ago

I almost forgot Yoshi's Island was SMW2.

CDbiggen449d ago

Has it really been three years already?...

curtain_swoosh449d ago

that was my first thought aswell haha.

meganick449d ago

I’m still hoping for Mario Galaxy 3.

curtain_swoosh449d ago

id love to have the mario galaxy games on it tbh

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