Can The Last of Us Part 2 Recapture Lightning In A Bottle Like The Original?

And does it even need to, to deliver on the hype?

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Hellcat2020499d ago

Yes it will
Without a doubt

angelsx498d ago

i don't know about the story but gameplay and graphics looks sick

wwinterj498d ago

I've not bothered with the leaks and don't intend too. While I like a good story in games gameplay is the most important thing to me and one of the main reasons I love TLOU. From what the trailers have shown they seem to have improved that in a lot of ways. Roll on next month.

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ilikestuff498d ago

This will be the sequel curse. They took away features of the first game (multiplayer) and they, from what the spoilers suggest, completely ruined the story. People will hate this game like devil may cry 2. I know I’ve been ragging on this game because I’m mad they ruined one of my favorite games. I 100% hope I’m wrong and this game turns out to be awesome, that would make me happy.

I do think they’ll learn from this and in last of us 3 they’ll do a prequel, let us be a young quicker and strong Joel and they’ll make it awesome.

naruga498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

LoUS 1 hadnt captured any lightining in a bottle imo was just a more mature themed Uncharted -
It is Overhyped and overrrated to ridiculous point

mandingo498d ago

If you aren't bothered by the leaks then you never really cared about the first game. The story is this game. Now the story has ended this game.

gamer7804498d ago

i assure you the story is sick as well... in the traditional sense.

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morganfell498d ago (Edited 498d ago )


From what I have seen it is as if in the midst of pushing their views (Druckmann's really) they forgot to be entertaining.


It is why after the first game, long before there was a hint of a sequel, I like many others just wanted them to let the characters rest and leave it alone.

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SyntheticForm498d ago

I think it's going to be great, truly. I don't care what happens as far as character deaths or anything story related. The world of The Last of Us is powerful and gripping and I don't think it has to rely on Joel or Ellie to be great.

The gameplay looks beautiful, and I think it's going to be a blast. I'm sure that Naughty Dog has knocked it out of the park once again.

This is a top tier studio - I don't care what anyone thinks. Don't care about their politics, but I do care about the quality, and I know that will be present in The Last of Us Part II.

I'll admit, I love the characters and world so much that I'm willing to give it a pass on the politics.

Outside_ofthe_Box498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

I didn't read any spoilers, just saw who dies thanks to the asshats spewing it so casually on this site, but I think it just sucks that stuff got leaked. Video games are interactive and I feel like reading and watching is not the same as playing. The deaths would been a shock probably FF7 Aerith levels, maybe most still would have felt cheated or maybe having played through it instead of reading about it would have gotten mixed/confused feelings. We will never know.

As for the politics, like I said I didn't read any spoilers so I don't know how much they go into it, but this is another thing I feel like people should wait until they actually play the game? How do you if it's in your face throughout the entire game? Maybe it isn't as bad as you think? Again I didn't read any spoilers, so please, anyone that replies to this don't go spewing shit without any warnings/tags ffs.

mandingo498d ago

Gotta damage control somehow. To say you don't care about certain character deaths and you don't think the game relies on ellie or joel is laughable.

SyntheticForm498d ago

I think this game would do just fine without Ellie or Joel. They're just one or two stories in this world. The game could easily continue with a protagonist that knew Joel and Ellie, or someone totally unrelated, or it could just end, but it would have to be a powerful ending. It couldn't be cheap.

People are so endeared to these characters that a game absent Joel and Ellie seems absurd and preposterous to some, but what I like about this game and world is that it's not merciful. Like Game of Thrones, good people can die, and this may include characters we deeply care for. It's not like G.I. Joe where no one ever dies and everybody gets to go home. This is a more mature and severe world.

I'll be happy as long as the game is great.

SyntheticForm498d ago


I'm not damage controlling - that is how I honestly feel.

Take it or leave it, it's all the same to me.

Imalwaysright498d ago

The world is like most others in apocalyptic scenarios. The world is basically been there done that with a bit of a twist and story wise to me was nothing more than a vehicle to evolve, build and define the relationships between the characters.

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neutralgamer1992498d ago

yes and it will be the best selling ps exclusive in history

Sayai jin498d ago

I am still looking forward to LOU 2, regardless of the leaks. My children are somewhat on the fence.
Should still be a stellar experience for most, but those spoilers did hurt it somewhat.

Gameplayer1498d ago

Ofcourse this post is downvoted since the average age of those using this forum is slightly above 10!!! Pretty losers!!! But I agree with you. It'll probably be one of the best experiences of this decade....

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Vengeance1138499d ago

Unfortunatly no, it's already DOA... this IP will not recover, RIP.

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S2Killinit498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

LOL ok watch it break records again.

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ilikestuff498d ago

It’ll sell well just because if it’s name, it won’t touch the first in sells or quality though, not by a mile.

galmi498d ago

yeah it will, the game's too big to fail but this sequel will drastically affect the 3rd game negatively

S2Killinit498d ago

When you say “first in sales”, what are we talking about exactly? First of all time? This week? This generation? This year? And quality? Why? How do you know about its quality? Have you played it? Are you psychic? And how do we define this subjective aspect?

TheRealTedCruz498d ago

The difference being name recognition vs legitimate quality.
There's a whole lot of fans of the original that hate the direction they went with this.
So, even if it does sell amazingly and, let's be real, there's a lot of PS4s out there, and it's a giant name in the industry, does sales mean quality, or even that it's a solid sequel?

S2Killinit498d ago

You would be the first person to claim a Naughty Dog game lacks quality (while keeping a straight face). But I guess these days people can say whatever and somebody out there will agree no matter how batshit crazy it is.

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ninsigma498d ago

It's definitely not DOA. From what I've heard (which isn't all) it sounds bad but it's still going to do really well. Whatever about the story, the gameplay looks fantastic still so many will still play for that and ignore the story I'd imagine. Not to mention, most will not care because they don't keep up with this stuff.

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garos82498d ago

@budumtsss the factions mode in TLOU is my favourite online experience on ps3 second only to Demon/ Dark Souls.
Below average at best is beyond stupid and you have no clue what you talking about

ninsigma498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

"the leaks have kinda spread far enough now that promotion for the game is near impossible to do without those leaks interjecting themselves"

You're definitely not wrong there.

I think loss in sales will be negligible. Many just won't care because it's naughty dog so they'll buy regardless (which is fine, no hate here). So while I agree it would certainly be interesting to see if there's an impact from this, I think the reality is, far more people won't know anything about it, tonnes of naughty dog fans will buy because it's naughty dog, as I mentioned above plenty are capable of ignoring the story and getting it just for gameplay and lastly I can see the reviews being stellar for this due it being a graphical showcase, likely a technical marvel just like previous games and any sort of PC will be lapped up by a lot of the main stream reviewers.

It'll be what it'll be 🤷‍♂️
I've lost complete interest in the story now (I was already worried before the leaks) but my GF will be getting the game so I'll just play when she's done and refund my copy. I do hope that all the crap about it is wrong and that it turns out to be a stellar game though because I fricken loved the first, but knowing druckman, it's probably all true.

Tlou had one of the best online experiences of last gen 🤷‍♂️
Crash bandicoot is a beloved classic which is pretty much only gameplay with a small bit of story.
The Jak and daxter series had really fun gameplay that kept evolving as the series progressed.
Uncharted is the perfect Indiana Jones feeling type game that is very fun to play that keeps people coming back.
The gameplay that has been shown for tlou2 looks superb.

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Thundercat77498d ago

That's your personal wish. Not reality. Be prepared to face reality soon.

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P_Bomb498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Metal Gear recovered just fine after MGS2 pulled a swerve and became Raiden’s game with a story about something called LaLiLuLeLo. MGS3 even had us play as the series villain, Big Boss. There’s precedent for risk/reward in this business.

Resident Evil’s rolled the dice on numerous styles, characters and stories. RE4 initially irked people too. Las Plagas, Ashley, no more Umbrella, over the shoulder gameplay. We know how that ended.

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Destiny1080499d ago

The First one Arrived at the end of the Ps3 Life-cycle
The Second one Arrived at the end of the Ps4 Life-cycle
That Means the Third One will arrive in 2022

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Kaii498d ago

Upon reading the leaks, I'll make up what happened to'em both In my mind, happy ending & not subverting any expectation.

All I can say, reviews for this game [WILL BE INTERESTING] say the least.

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