Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta): Final Fantasy IX, Halo MCC: Halo 2, and More

Xbox Wire:

It’s our favorite time of the month: The day when we get to share new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC! Coincidentally our next favorite time is when we get to say, “Available Today!” But I digress. Here are the games!

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SegaGamer143d ago

I gotta say, Game Pass is the best thing Microsoft has done in years. I hadn't logged in to my Xbox account since I sold my Xbox One over 2 years ago, but this bought me back. I don't plan on buying another Xbox console again, but I certainly intend on sticking with Game Pass going forward. If they can keep bringing new games to it like they did with Streets of Rage 4, then that is even more incentive to stay subscribed.

spicelicka143d ago

It really is something great that they don't get enough credit for. I can't even keep up with it, there are so many games on there I've been waiting to try.

JeffGUNZ142d ago

Agreed. I have a Xbox One X, built a gaming PC last summer, and the Gamepass ultimate is an incredible deal.