Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Red Dead Redemption 2, Day Z, Final Fantasy IX, and More

Xbox Wire:

Howdy! Okay, I don’t really say howdy that often, but you might be adding it to your lexicon shortly after playing one of these games. We have a great refresh to your gaming priority list, so let’s jump in.

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RamRod88342d ago

This month of Gamepass for Xbox/PC is looking great so far. I'm sure we will get some more announcements at tomorrows Inside Xbox.

Ripsta7th342d ago

Xbl gold looking better this month also
Compared to how PS fans were saying on this site . we got the better month

neutralgamer1992342d ago

It's a monthly thing I see hope is both companies offer better games but let's also not forget we can thank ms for the enforcement of having to pay just to play online and we can thank Sony for evolving that into atleast offering few games per month

For a long time Xbox gamers paid just go play online so these offerings came along because Ms had to match Sony's offering

autobotdan342d ago

Let's also not forget for a long time Playstation gamers had to use MEMORY CARDS to save games so these console hardrives came along because Sony had to match Microsoft offerings

Zeref342d ago

Let's also not forget that PS3 didn't even have party chat

Mr_Writer85342d ago

"console hardrives came along because Sony had to match Microsoft offerings"

The PS2 had a hard drive in 2001, a year before the release of the Xbox.

Nice try though, at least know your gaming history before making comments.

neutralgamer1992341d ago


like ms are doing now selling their branded memory sticks instead of giving the consumers to pick and choose like sony? and how ms always make you buy external things like their HD DVD players, or hw about play and charge kits for your controllers


no doubt about that

CaptainCook341d ago

Let's also not forget PlayStation 3 didn't have achievements until a year later.

Mr_Writer85341d ago


Lets not forget Xbox didn't have a blu Ray player until a generation later.

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FanboysKiller342d ago

What's fractured minds , is it a good game ?