First week Mirror's Edge sales are bad [EU]

The sales of the new EA DICE shooter Mirror's Edge are very bad. The game sales (first week sales) in Europe are round the 30,000 and not more.

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MK_Red3835d ago

F***ing dammit. And the 100000th WW2 FPS sells millions along with the next random Brain Age and of course, another military FPS plus another version of the yearly released sports games.

Eiffel3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Supply and Demand over New and Creative it seems in this buisness. This game just did not appeal to me not to mention its being crushed by a large number of awaited really does not have a snowballs chance at success.

Liquid Dust3835d ago

This just goes to show that many many gamers are willing to play the same types of games over and over again. Why step outside the comfort zone to see whats on the other side of gaming and the real innovating genres that are being written?

I think Littlebigplanet and now Mirrors Edge could be much larger blockbusters if more gamers would step outside the box and experience some real innovation in the gaming industry

kevnb3835d ago

new and creative doesn't mean good. Mirrors Edge just isn't all that fun, at the end of the day that's all that matters in a video game.

Mr_Bun3835d ago

I really couldn't get into the demo...Could've been because it felt like it was over in 30 seconds though...not enough playtime to get a good feel...See Burnout Paradise's demo

Coheno3835d ago

Totally agree! I've really been enjoying this game, so this is really bad news.. Really hope it has long legs!
Uncharted had a REALLY slow first week, but had long legs, and has, by now sold almost 2 mill....

Lucreto3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

We can add Mirrors edge to the brilliant but undersold gems along with Okami, Ico, SotC, Suikoden, Heavenly Sword and Psychonauts. There are a lot more as well but I will be getting this game for sure.

kevnb3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

wow, those other game are much better than mirrors edge. I wouldn't lump it with those.
Edit: You added Heavenly Sword now, which like Mirrors Edge is good, but not classic.

Lucreto3835d ago

You may not like the game but I know people who hate Ico and Okami thinking they were "stupid" but it is a little gem not perfect but it is something new and different to other games out there.

kazuma3835d ago

@ lucreto
i'm pretty sure u won't regret mirror's edge. u clearly have good taste, and although it is kinda short, it is just plain awesome, something truly different to play this year. ^^

TheColbertinator3835d ago


Don't forget Valkyria Chronicles.That game deserves better sales

Lucreto3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

@Steven Colbert
Yes Valkyria Chronicles should also be on the list. bubbles

Thanks for the complement bubbles

Okay I think we need to make a list here of the gaming Gems please point others that I have forgotten.

So far
Suikoden 1,2,3 and 5,
Heavenly Sword,
Valkyria Chronicles,
Grandia 1 and 2,
Jade Cocoon,
Beyond Good and Evil,
Little Big planet, (sales not as high as expected so it will join the list)

MK_Red3835d ago

Mirror's Edge is indeed joining the list of underrated classics.

Sure, it's rather flawed and a light package for people that want multiplayer in every darn game. The control has some issues and those expecting gunz blazing action will be diappointed.
But seriously, how many military shooters one can take? I just can't understand the people that love to play shooter after shooter.

Hopefully US sales will be better. Thanks for all the replies.

Dread3835d ago

to above

with respect, I would not include Suikoden 3 and 5.
also, I think gandia made decent sales. It was in several systems including Dreamcast and playstaiton 2.

Other than the the list is leggit.

Lucreto3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I totally agree with you there are too much shooters in general and the mass gamer market keep buy them.


Why not Suikoden 3 and 5 are both excellent games it my second favourite favourite series. Only Okami is higher.
Grandia has been on other systems but it is still a brillent RPG and I want to play it again or remade. They don't make games like Grandia anymore.

As for my list I have all of them except Suikoden 3. I watched hours of video walkthroughs on Youtube.

Zhit3835d ago

There is no reason to buy this game. Very easy to finish the game in an evening or two. Plus, there is no replay ability and no multiplayer. Why spend $60 for this game when there are so, so many other new titles out there that will offer much more bang for the buck.

tplarkin73835d ago

It's an FPS.....without guns.....but people shoot at you. Not fun.

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Arsenal4Ever3835d ago

lol. Game sales really don't follow quality these days do they?

Gothdom3835d ago

the demo hooked me, but I would pay 19,99$ for the number of hours this game offers. Maybe 29,99$ if it had multiplayer.

InMyOpinion3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It's the most overhyped and overscored game of the year. It's basically trial & error gameplay with unresponsive controls and no freedom at all. If you don't follow the intended on-rails route you die. Takes 6 hours to complete then it's useless. No multiplayer. All you have left is 'Race mode', which sucks.

Reviewers need to take less bribes. Banjo deserves the scores Mirror's Edge got so much more. Most underrated game this year. Once you learn the basics it's impossible to put down.

sak5003835d ago


I complained about its gameplay mechanics and the whole premise way back when some trailers were shown. Got a lot of flak from the so called "GAMERS". It can be a nice tech demo, the shooting is kinda added at the last moment and all u have to do is run. These guys, DICE could have made a good Minority report game. But no one wants to play track and field for $60 bucks.

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samich20073835d ago

:P LittleBigPlanet - Great game low sales.
But the sales of Mirrors Edge are really bad...

MK_Red3835d ago

Well, creative and innovative games that don't follow the FPS or Wii casual craze and have artistic design and stylish look don't sell anymore. Wanna sell? Make a gritty military shooter.
Innovative free running and innovative sackboy awesomeness don't sell in today's market.

Dark General3835d ago

I agree with you MK. I have LBP (my personal game of the year) and i'm definitely plan on getting Mirrors Edge and the revamped Prince of Persia when it comes out. Seems like if it isn't a shooter or have some type of "brand name" then the game will have a hard time selling. That's a real shame.

kevnb3835d ago

mirrors edge, not so great. Little Big Planet is selling well though, despite not being marketed all that well its looking to sell a few million copies.

InMyOpinion3835d ago

Have you played Mirror's Edge or are you just repeating what reviewers are saying? If so, what's the name of the first "boss" you have to chase over the rooftops?

InMyOpinion3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Nevermind. Must've been tired when I wrote it. Google rocks!

Mirror's Edge seems innovative until you play it. It's basically Track & Field mixed with the trial and error gameplay of Dragon's Lair, but with a glossy exterior.

"Wanna sell? Make a gritty military shooter."

Hour of Victory and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty are two of the worst 360 games ever made. I don't think they sold that well either.

On the other hand, DICE's last effort, Bad Company deserved all the sales it could get. Not because it was a gritty military shooter but because it was good.

Original and artistic don't mean sh*t if the gameplay stinks.

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Homicide3835d ago

That's great. This game doesn't deserve great sales. It was a very disappointing game. Ask silogon, he speaks the truth about this game.

Kyur4ThePain3835d ago

Maybe he also likes eating stale bread. That doesn't mean it's good. I certainly don't enjoy eating it.

Aclay3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

To be honest, I didn't really expect Mirrors Edge to sell that much, but I am interested to see how much it sold in the U.S. on the 360 and PS3 in November's NPD. I think that it might sell like 250K on the 360 and maybe 200K on the PS3 in the U.S. for November, but not much more than that.

Plus, most Single Player games aren't usually the fastest selling games anyways unless it's a Single Player RPG like Fallout 3 with TONS of content or a Single Player game with more hype or something.

kevnb3835d ago

I don't know anybody who enjoyed playing the demo. Unless you rate games solely on being unique, this game just isn't all that.

Dark General3835d ago

I actually loved the demo. It was both fun and unique. The rush you get when you get everything flowing well is great. The action i didn't really care for based off the demo but then again that's not what i was interested in the game to begin with. It reminds me of portal in way. Minimal combat with heavy emphasis on platforming/puzzle solving. I definitely got the feeling of it being a unique experience.

InMyOpinion3835d ago

I loved the demo but the full game was very disappointing. In the demo you never experience the 'where am I supposed to go now?' moments that the full experience offers every 20 seconds. Take the wrong route or wait to long and you get shot and die. Trying to use the 'b' button for guidance will just confuse you more. So you repeat the same stage until you know exactly where to go. That's what kills the game completely. You never feel that you can get better at it since it's more or less impossible to find the right route on your first try.