Judge Bans Teens from Gaming Due to Cat Microwaving

Kotaku writes: "An Edmonton judge banned two teens from playing video games for their connection in the microwave death of a cat, despite no direct link between gaming and the crime."

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jay24594d ago

WTF is it with these F'ed upeople, they should be in prison.

I Call 9MM4594d ago

I think more needs to happen to these teens then just some probation and ban from video games. We Canadians have like the stupidest court and criminal justice system out there. Seriously, people get away with so much stuff in Canada, especially if your a teen and underage. Steal cars and smash into cab drivers, kill them and you get a bracelet around your leg. BS. Fry a cat in a microwave and you don't get to play video games. Seriously, our government here does jack sh*t.