Halo Raises $430,000 For GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund

Halo writes on twitter:

Together, through the metathreads WeGotThisSpartans shirt and the Relief & Recovery REQ Pack, the Halo community's combined support raised over $430,000 for GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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timotim370d ago

Go Halo community!!! I certainly gave and bought the Req Pack for the cause, happily.

Gaming4Life1981369d ago

You got a disagree for stating you bought the req pack to support the relief fund. Some people on this site are just scum. I bought the pack as well and now I'm playing thru all the halo games getting ready for halo infinite.

timotim369d ago

If youre doing any achievement hunting in the games and looking for an extra person, I would love to help. Only half way through MCC's massive list haha.