Quantum Error Dev: Cerny Is A Genius, PS5 Feels Designed with Developers In Mind; Zen 2 Is Exciting

TeamKill Media president Micah Jones, now working on Quantum Error, enthusiastically shared the studio's excitement for Mark Cerny (described as a genius) and the PlayStation 5 console he designed.

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ccgr1122d ago

Looking forward to the PS5 :)

FlavorLav011122d ago

I’ll be there in line 6ft behind you 😆

v_eno_m1122d ago

I'll be there in line 6ft in front of both of you ;)

russo1211122d ago

Don't forget the mask or you'll be redirected to last 8). You've been warned.

SyntheticForm1122d ago

I'll be furiously clicking on Amazon and refreshing the page til my index finger is worn down to a little nub. Also, this game actually looks very cool.

I loved claustrophobic corridor gameplay that they showed. Right up my alley.

darthv721122d ago

Well hopefully by then we wont have to be spaced out in line.

bouzebbal1122d ago

I'm excited but there are still so many great games on ps4 to enjoy this year and beyond. This is why I've always had playstation as mmt consoles of choice, then comes Nintendo as the perfect combo.

BrettAwesome1122d ago


You do realise that's physically impossible, right? If both maintain 6ft distance, and you yourself is 6ft in front of one, you will inevitably be 12 ft in front of the other. Think before you speak, man! Alright?? THINK before you speak!! Understood??!

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CaptainHenry9161122d ago

The secret sauce is about to dominate this holiday

1121d ago
Thundercat771121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Is funny that every Xbox fan is now using the "secret sauce" term when in fact there has been any.

I think that's is because of the horrible Xbox generation and the shameful secret sauce that always failed for them. Now they want to try to put it on Sony.

BrettAwesome1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Ellow. Moy nime is Moichel Kine

1121d ago
Kumakai1122d ago

im excited for the ps5 and im going to buy it, but the series x is most likely going to be my go to console for most games... just like my one x and ps4 pro now.

Babadook71122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

What’s cool is even Xbox fans know they need the ps5. If you're a ps5 fan however, there’s almost no need for an Xbox next gen, as in all likelihood ps5 exclusives will be better and multiplats will be the same or better too.

FyBy1121d ago

@Babadook7 Exactly. I sold XOX. Instead I bought Switch and it perfectly complements my PS4Pro and PC. No need for any kind of Xbox in the future. Maybe I will buy RTX in sale or RDNA2 on christmass along side PS5 and Im done for several years.

russo1211122d ago

In my case, my main gaming system will be PS5 and secondarily the PC.

BehindTheRows1122d ago

Yep. I'll still get a Series X because I have a clan ton Xbox (when the 360 ruled), but most gaming will happen on my PC and PS5.

Mr Logic1122d ago

This, but inverted for me. PS5 is for exclusives.

SurgicalMenace1122d ago

This is the perfect place to communicate that, some people will continue to enjoy resolution over graphical fidelity. The Xbox 1X, and all it's "power", does nothing more than allow for higher resolution, so even having one it remains to sit because of the fact that Sony has too many stellar games to ignore for better resolution.

In most cases, I hear people brag about the 1X as though having the console is an accomplishment over having the most options to enjoy it. Resolution doesn't change the way the game is played but superior graphical fidelity can greatly enhance our immersion levels. I get all systems, every generation, but as always I will depend on the games to determine which one get my attention.

Gunstar751122d ago

The X also (not always) uses better assets. Its not just about resolution

Lore1122d ago

If Sony doesn’t step up and invest in a Fable/rpg competitor they’re going to piss off a lot of fans

OB1Biker1122d ago

Wait.. people seriously think PS5 cant handle 4k?

THC CELL1122d ago

Lore when xbox gets to a level like last of us horizon and god of war then make a claim

Fable has not got the same developers as of halo

Eonjay1122d ago

They are both gonna be 4K. I'm not even remotely bothered by 8k at this point.

1122d ago
Rude-ro1122d ago

Resolution slows down frame rate.
I can bet you money.. when dust settles.. players will be going for higher refresh rates over pixels.
1080p @140 fps looks better than 4k at 60 and lower frames.
So who, to this point, is pushing speed over pixels?
The same company that has ACTUALLY been making game engines for the last 6 years.
Putting make up on an old engine will not do anything but be in 4k

fathertime44641122d ago

Don't forget more cu's which can all be used for ray tracing which can bea graphical leap if utilized. Probably wont be, just saying the argument can go both ways budd.

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Kribwalker1122d ago

I was gonna do that, but now with Sony putting their exclusives on PSNow with streaming, i think i’ll just play the handful of exclusives they release that i want to play on my laptop, until they come down in price at least, as they’re both gonna be pricey

Kribwalker1122d ago

good luck with what? they’ve started putting all their best exclusives on there, why would they not continue?

_dangerclose_1122d ago

That's totally fine you're still paying Sony to play in their eco-system either way.

Kribwalker1122d ago

“ That's totally fine you're still paying Sony to play in their eco-system either way.”

ok? 🤷🏻‍♂️

DJStotty1121d ago


"That's totally fine you're still paying Sony to play in their eco-system either way."

And paying Microsoft to run the game... i don't see your point?

Nyxus1121d ago

Not even close to all their games are on PS Now and you know it.

DJStotty1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

lol at the disagrees,

Recommended for PSNOW - Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10

Source :

So you are using Sony's and Microsoft's ecosystems, so when people say "That's totally fine you're still paying Sony to play in their eco-system either way." at least state facts, and not biased opinion.

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SurgicalMenace1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I'm glad that developers are chiming in to filter out all the unneeded banter going on in the gaming community. All these comment section experts are getting out of hand, as though they're in the same position as those active in the progression of the industry. Good job Sony, I look forward to yet another blockbuster experience.

neutralgamer19921122d ago

Comment sections are active because Xbox has more power and to them that means it will outsell ps5. PlayStation true fans know what Sony and PlayStation is all about (not talking about loud mouth fanboys) those who are genuine gamers and have been gaming on PlayStation for a long time

Games sell consoles must have games you can't play elsewhere

ApocalypseShadow1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Mark Cerny is a genius.

But what's really weird, and to add to your exclusive comment, is this mindset from gamers that all games for next gen should play on current gen. They make comments like:

"Why do I have to buy a new console to play it?" "I should be able to play it on my current one with smart delivery."

And we know it's because next gen physics, A.I., graphics,etc are not possible on current consoles. Basically, killing the idea to buy new consoles to experience next gen gaming. It's the same with VR.

"Why do I have to buy a VR headset to play it?" "It should have a non VR mode."

Trying to kill the point of VR. It's insanity. I question the intelligence of today's gamer.

ILostMyMind1122d ago

And it don't even have the power. It has Tflops on the GPU. Doesn't mean the whole console is powerful.

Donnie811121d ago

Well the PlayStation brand is boned because they are bringing their games to pc and the got the weaker system

neutralgamer19921122d ago

Been saying that for a long time now. Cerny is a legend in gaming. Just read how many talented people worked under him who went onto have long gaming careers

He made impactful changes with PS4 and hen doubling the ram from 4 to 8GB based on developer feedback. When he calls developers listen and give feedback

Gunstar751122d ago

He is a clever guy...a gaming... no.


'Nuff said.

1122d ago
RazzerRedux1122d ago

What does Knack have to do with game console design?


'Nuff said.

ocelot071122d ago

Sonic The Hedgehog 2?
Crash 1 and 2?
Spro The Dragon?
Ratchet and Clank?

He had a hand in all those titles.

Nuff said.

Ron_Danger1122d ago

He also pioneered the technique of saving assets by having the polygon count of objects in the background scaled down and then increase as you get closer to them. That’s why the original Spyro the Dragon on PS1 had such huge levels compared to other games at the time.

BehindTheRows1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

You clearly know nothing about Mark Cerny is this is what is so wrong with many of today's "gamers". Just spew nonsense without a clue.

neutralgamer19921122d ago


If your worst failure is knack than must have done something right. Helped Sony take back the market and make PlayStation the most valuable gaming brand

In 2018 PlayStation along generated more income than Nintendo and Xbox combined

_dangerclose_1122d ago

He's contributed a lot more to gaming than Knack and you know it, and all in all Knack wasn't even that bad of a game, played it after it came to Plus and realized very quickly it was actually quite fun and reminiscent of the old school platformers, the hate came from those who were never going to be able to play it and used it as fodder for their fanboy war.

Gunstar751122d ago

@razzerRedux who said anything about console design?

He was called a gaming legend. I disagree.

The PS4 was better than the xbox one. Not hard. Was still using a crappy laptop CPU and he totally effed up the Pro. That thing is a piece of dog shit.

He isnt a Miyamoto, a Suzuki or even a Belinnski when it comes to games.

And he has the voice of a re-animated doll.

Hate away. In this realm of PS zealots, i really don't give a sh1t.

Ghostbob1122d ago

my nephew loves playing knack 1&2, knack 2 is a great co op game.

'Nuff said.

RazzerRedux1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )


"who said anything about console design?"

Oh hell, I don't know.....maybe....the damn article?

"He isnt a Miyamoto, a Suzuki or even a Belinnski when it comes to games."

Yeah....again, not the subject here. And the world of "gaming" is broader than just game design, Einstein.

"Hate away. In this realm of PS zealots, i really don't give a sh1t." if this place isn't fully represented by Xbox zealots such as yourself. And you do give a shit or you wouldn't have responded with your typical idiotic post.

Ron_Danger1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

You bring up Knack to try to to downplay Cerny but then bring up one trick pony Belinnski? How’s Lawbreakers goin?

If you roll in here acting like you know things about video games, maybe you should, you know, know things about video games. Especially if it’s in regards to your own comments.

Gunstar751122d ago

@Ghostbob well, if your nephew likes knack, then we must catapult Mark Cerny into the gaming hall of fame immediately


Ghostbob1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Just catapult me a Knack 3 for my nephew to play.

'Nuff said.

Gunstar751122d ago

Wow. You are all so serious


SyntheticForm1122d ago

I think it's safe to call Mark Cerny a genius, because he truly is a genius person.

If you've listened to him speak on anything, you'd know that he's a very sharp, very smart guy. His knowledge in regards to his field is vast, and his Japanese speaking is also quite impressive.

He's a smart cookie. You don't have to like Knack (I didn't either) but the man has definitely earned his praise.

throne1122d ago

he was one of the developers in crash bandicoot trilogy, not to mention as a consultant in many other games over the generations

SyntheticForm1122d ago

We're not being serious - we're just not accepting your nonsense. Dangling Knack as an exhibit in your argument that Mark Cerny isn't a learned and accomplished man is too easy to shoot down.

It's wholly disingenuous, and it's full on BS, and you're not taking into account any if his accomplishments. You're trying to focus on Knack as a negative and use that game to wholly represent him.

It's bogus and you know it.

Thundercat771121d ago

You clearly don't know about his carrer. He is totally a legend.

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