Resident Evil: Remix Resurrects Capcom's Survival Horror Classic Using RE4's Engine

HPP: "Capcom's lawyers are probably waiting to pounce on this ambitious remake of Resident Evil like a flesh-hungry Hunter."

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Jonaspolos345d ago

Maybe it’s time for Capcom to learn with this independent developers How to create or develop a game with passion. A game company that is lost and is out of ideas, have nothing to offer than mediocre games.

CrimsonWing69345d ago

What are you basing this off of; the RE3 Remake? Because Capcom has been hitting it out of the park recently. Did you play RE2 Remake, Devil May Cry V, Monster Hunter World, Megaman 11? I don’t think they’re lost at all nor would I consider those “mediocre” games.

If you are basing this off of the RE3 Remake it’s only sin is all the cut content.

Good-Smurf345d ago

As much as I hated what they did to both RE2R and RE3R they're not mediocre games a bit formulaic of modern standard but both were far from mediocre.

borneFROMblood345d ago

dont forget that RE3 was not internally developed by Capcom, both single player and multiplayer was developed by a third party studio

naruga345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

inserting there the BulSth enemies from RE4 instantly makes this mod garbage....RE4 had the most controversial (in a bad way) enemies that ruined the whole RE genre ..and he included them in the flegendary RE1 ??? WTF .....ruined his whole job

Yui_Suzumiya345d ago

I think you time traveled accidentally because you're describing Capcom from last generation. Plus they hired a bunch of college students who were doing a remake of Resident Evil 2 to work on the actual remake that came out last year.

AK91345d ago

Damn that's impressive but as the article says it won't stay afloat for long.

lellkay345d ago

This is mad for a fan project haha!

VTKC345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Cease and Desist coming right up just like Streets of Rage and Doom

silenthillstrangler345d ago

The fake reactions of this guy are too much.