Nintendo leak explains the use of friend codes over usernames

Sharing a 12-digit friend code is annoying, but it fits Nintendo’s design philosophy

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“Usernames are far too complex. Nobody wants to have to pick a username and remember it and all that ughhh. We’ve simplified this utterly complex complexity for the user by randomly assigning a blob of letters and numbers that are impossible to share with friends without taking a picture of the screen and save for the off chance another one switch user actually cares to add friends”

Shadowsteal624d ago

Even if you add friends it's pointless. Can't send them a message or screenshot. Can't voice chat.

dkrusen87624d ago

Yeah not like the Ps Vita. :(

Sono421624d ago

Nintendo's online will catch up to 2020 in 2040 at this rate, and I can already hear people of the future defending it.

generic-user-name624d ago

Imagine if any other platform pulled this kind of crap.

strayanalog624d ago

Luckily I have no friends. Thanks Mario Kart.

ziggurcat624d ago

"Sharing a 12-digit friend code is annoying, but it fits Nintendo’s design philosophy"

Is the design philosophy involve being grossly antiquated?

badz149624d ago

Nintendo: your mom is antiquated

FinalFantasyFanatic624d ago

Nintendo likes to be a little awkward for some reason, fun but frustrating, I would have preferred a username, then again, all my gaming accounts use the same name, so...

ziggurcat624d ago

The funny thing is they get you to create a username when you sign up for a My Nintendo account...

Sono421624d ago

A little awkward? When it comes to anything online they are fumbling around in the dark, whether it be security (the recent security breach accessing hundreds of thousands of accounts) online play (constant lag on their OWN first party games) or simple things like usernames, messaging, voice chat etc.. I mean they want you to use a smartphone app ffs. The fact they have the nerve to charge for it at all is a slap in the face to consumers everywhere.

PhoenixUp624d ago

12 digit code? I remember when that shit was still 16 digits. I can’t believe Nintendo thought cutting down 4 digits would be seen as an improvement

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