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AngryHippo3838d ago

....the whole bike direction. Could be a totally new feel for the game. Can't wait to hear and see more on this. Glad to here some news on finally what it'll be about though.

JOLLY13838d ago

look at all of the phantom "jealous" disagrees

Milky Joe3838d ago

Or 8 people just don't like bikes. I certainly preferred cars over bikes, but that was because I kept crashing. =P

chaosatom3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Also, what happen to Having a BICYCLE????

HAVING a BICYCLE IN GTA san andreas made the game 10 times better!!!!!!

yesah3838d ago

someone at Rockstar must have gone bald recently all their new games have the main character with very little hair.

SlyGuy3838d ago

(well there is one in the house, but its my cousin's own)

I am not buying one, but the BIKE gang looks very intriguing. Could bring a fresh take on the gameplay side.

Still have to finish GTAIV though.

El_Colombiano3838d ago

Hey Jolly1 why do you have a Nintendo Mii as your avatar and your in the 360 section?

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Foxgod3838d ago

Excellent, this is gonna rock.
Its gonna be a lot of fun to cruise around biker style!

BigKev453838d ago

Why? You can type in a cheat code now & do the same thing.

Milky Joe3838d ago

But you can do that anyway. =P

Damn, beaten!

Foxgod3838d ago

i meant with actual storyline, and with an actual gang.

ghostface3838d ago

Still haven't finish the game. after i finish the ps3 version i'll trade it in for the 360 version to get the new content.

BigPappaPump3838d ago

I wish I know more of this DL content. I'm looking foward to DL it.

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The story is too old to be commented.