Square Enix LA studio to focus on digital titles

Square Enix's US president John Yamamoto has told that the company's new in-house development team based in Los Angeles is currently concentrating on the market for digitally downloadable games.

And after successfully adopting Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for The Last Remnant, the studio is also assessing multiple middleware solutions and feeding back its findings to Japan for future releases.

"All formats – Xbox Live, WiiWare, PlayStation Network – are all viable formats for us," said Yamamoto. "We started the in-house development team a couple of months ago and we're starting with downloadable content because the team is still small.

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Fobuo3834d ago

In order to sell DLC,your game must be GOOD.

Capt CHAOS3834d ago

As opposed to downloadable games! This could be awesome.


Sorry but just hate when PR people spin a few extra words in for effect..

Shane Kim3834d ago

How will this work with the size limitations on XBL?

TheColbertinator3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I hope FF:Crystal Chronicles:Life as a King gets an sequel.That game is so deep and underrated its shocking

Kush_Reaper3834d ago

How about they focus on releasing a worth while game first.