'In-game ads will always make sense within the game'

Advertising in games will only ever be contextual because advertisers don't want to suffer a negative backlash from gamers, one of the chief architects of the growing business has said.

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Excalibur3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I personally do not have a problem with in game ad-verts as long as they are in the proper context.

In games like GTA or Fallout 3, I have no problem with a character passing a McDonald's or seeing a McDonald's bill board or something like that.
I do not want to hear a character say "man I sure am Hungry, I could go for a McDonald's hamburger right about now" or I don't want the character passing 30 McDonald's in a 2 block radius either.

The problem is once these idiots get started with it (like everything) they tend to go to far because their level of greed increases.

We as gamers won't see a decrease in the price of games but they as developers will see an increase in profits.

Case in point was the Obama ad.
There should be no "intentional" political or religious messages in games.
There should also be no "Echo friendly" type messages either.
Not that I'm against saving the whales or recycling plastic bottles or "going green" (anything like that) I just don't want it pushed in my face.
Everyone has their own personal opinion on that stuff and it has no place in gaming.

Bottom line, I play video game to escape from reality for a while, I don't need nor want it shoved in my face while doing so.

A message to the devs and advertisers.
I can tell you this, if something is shoved in my face too much I will react in such a way that I will NEVER EVER buy your product.
I'm guessing I'm not the only one either so that is something you may want to think about before getting too stupid with it. ;)

I also don't ANY type of advertising on my game disk.
I will be pi$$ed if I have to watch a commercial before I can load my game.
It's bad enough that I pay more that $10.00 to see a movie and have to sit through car or soda commercials before it starts.

Sorry for the long rant.