5 Final Fantasy Games That Should Be Remade Next

With Final Fantasy VII Remake still fresh in our minds, we thought it would be fun revisit some of the series' most notable entries and make a case for why they are worthy of being the next Final Fantasy remake.

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Thundercat77347d ago

Square Enix is fully on board in the FF7 Remake which I believe may have 4 parts. That project could end on 2025. I don't think they will start working on another FF Remake until they finish FF7.

I would honestly prefer a new FF game but if decide to Remake another one. It should be FF 6.

Scissorman82347d ago

That actually raises an interesting question: do you think we have to wait for FF7 Remake to be complete before we see FF16?

Thundercat77346d ago

It will depend. Is FF16 going to have a complete separe team from FF7 Remake?

SegaSaturn669346d ago

FF6 desperately needs a remake with all its bugs and programming errors.

Spurg346d ago

4 more games in the span of 5 years at the same quality of FF7. That not even taking into consideration FF7 took 5 years to make.
I think you need to be more realistic here. Games take a MINIMUM of 2-3 years to build. So according to the numbers it's gonna take 9 more years with a development time of 3 years for the story to come to an end.

2 years development
FF7's story comes to an end towards the end of next gen.

3 years development

FF7 story ends 2-3 years into the gen after next gen.

Square enix has a lot to do.

Jonaspolos346d ago

Square Enix has lost its old Final Fantasy core fans....
They thought in a wrong way when the plan of FF7 went into a discussion.
They should used the FF15 Develop system instead of creating a new one, a game that is not, even more, an open world with this sliced ridiculous idea.

Jonaspolos346d ago

Lost all the interest in FF7 due to this nonsense sliced game like many others thousands of fans of the game.

Thundercat77346d ago

You are on a minority. FF7 Remake is having more success than what Square Enix expected. What message do you think that success tells to Square Enix? That people didn't like it?

Totally the contrary. The message that Squre Enix received is that people loved it. You may not like it, but that won't change reality.

jambola345d ago

that's funny
cos when i lose interest in things i move on instead of going into comment sections specifically to talk about them

Blackcanary346d ago

SE have already stated that after FF7 Remake they would like to the younger debs take over and remake FF8.

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-Foxtrot347d ago

I just want to see the Garden Battle in all it's high def glory.

curtain_swoosh346d ago

i think they should tackle 5, 6 and 8 next.

Spurg346d ago

FF7 Remake is not a remake its more of a reboot with a new story.
I don't think we should be giving any of the other final fantasy the same treatment.
Just remaster it by overhauling the graphics and smoothing gameplay...that's it.

jambola346d ago

nobody said same treatment
also can we just stop with this pointless "not a remaster/make/boo/imagining&qu ot; crap

Jonaspolos346d ago

i doubt that most of does who bought this version will certainly not buy a 2nd part. Fans wore deceived with this version. Square Enix should ashamed.

Blackcanary346d ago

No they wont I am a huge FF7 fan and I loved the remake and will be getting part 3 I know alot of fans that also enjoyed that can't wait for part 2 so I don't what on earth it talking about.

jambola345d ago

want to try that again?
in english?

Gatsu346d ago

Sadly I think they have only time for one and that's FF7.

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The story is too old to be commented.