Retailer Slams Game Industry "Greed"

Online retailer DVD Empire has quit selling games, blaming slim margins, selfish publishers, slow distribution and "the fact that 80% of games are garbage". Next-Gen has the company's full beef…

On the company's website, it detailed why it has decided to quit selling games. Its stock is currently being shifted at a 20% discount. DVDEmpire's business is mostly focused on film.

Here's what the retailer had to say…

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Shin_Akakage4902d ago

I must say I agree with the vast majority of what this retailer is saying. Have started my own game store...the middle-men/distributors are just plain evil. Unless you are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, Toys "R" are treated like a beggar on the street that most people step over and go on about their business. I worked for one of the companies I mentioned above...and I found out their profit margin on new titles is very high. For example...Resident Evil 3...$49.99 when it was released. If I ordered it "wholesale" it would be $42. When this big chain ordered cost them $12. Found that out from a person very high on the food chain in that company during a visit. My discount while working at that company was 25% making the title 37.50..cheaper than my so called "wholesale" price. Same can be said for DVD's to..."wholesale" is something like 17.00 when Walmart, Best Buy and Target sell them from day one at $14.99. Something is terribly wrong with that.

As he also stated shipping is very unreliable you often get titles a day or two after its release day....causing even your most loyal customers to go to a big chain in order to get the title they were so excited for. Small business owners should be given equal opportunites as the big companies to succeed. They should be able to buy titles for same prices and get the same service as the bigger companies. In the end the small business guy will know more about the titles(don't believe me ask someone at walmart about anything they sell) and have much better service than the big chain. Hell people at best buy(locally) are still telling customers PS3 can burn discs. It should be the customer service that keeps a customer coming back to a store. Not the fact that you can't get what you want on time anywhere else.

Captain Tuttle4902d ago

Interesting Shin. I had no idea it was that tough for the little guys.