Square Enix: "one-console market is over"

Eurogamer writes:"Square Enix US boss John Yamamoto has declared the time of the platform exclusives is over."

"Not so long ago the PS2 dominated the market so if we developed an exclusive game for PS2 then we could enjoy a very good profit. But that time is already over," Yamamoto told

"To maximise and spread our games to as many users as possible I think we have to go to multiformat - the Xbox 360, PS3 and also the PC as well."

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theKiller3839d ago

just watch ur mouth, u were about to go bankrupt many times in the past, surely this doesnt show ur future foreseeing!

Yoma3839d ago

ye and they lose consumers, and respect by doing this

3839d ago
solidjun53839d ago

...where's Star Ocean 4?

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Cwalat3839d ago

To John Yamamoto:

You better watch your mouth and take a look at your staff.. they are not liking your future plans... and if i seriously catch him, i'll rip his head of if Versus goes multiplat...


die_fiend3839d ago

They lose customers? By making it on the console that always has better sales or both consoles? They clearly don't...When they look at how GTA has gone from a playstation timed-exclusive to it selling 2/3 of all copies on the 360 why would they remain PS3 exclusive? Like ceed says, Capcom have been doing it perfectly well for ages. The only respect that is lost is from people who can't cope with the fact that FF13 has gone multi (and their respect is worth about a penny) That's pretty pathetic isn't it? Why would anyone else care what other people with different consoles are playing? It's clearly not gonna effect the PS3 version of the game so all that's happening is Square are gonna not make a huge loss like they probably would've otherwise

GayASSAdmins3839d ago

die_fiend and raimon Bubbles +

Noctis Lucis Caelum3839d ago

Then why are they only publishing games for 360 and Ds? They claim to support all 3 consoles.

Hypocrite FTL

GayASSAdmins3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

only for the xbox and nds ? your point is full of FAIL.

Final fantasy 13 Agito
Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Final Fantasy II psp
Final fantasy 1 psp
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Star Ocean: First Departure
Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Space Invaders Extreme
Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

all of those on SONY PSP.

AAACE53839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

If he is speaking for the entire Square/Enix company... That could mean that "ALL" SE games will become multiplat including Star Ocean 4 and (Fanboys don't hate me for this) FFXIII Versus!

If it is true... It means you don't have to miss out on a game from them! I know people hate the way 3rd party exclusives are going, but the industry has changed. These developers and publishers have too much money invested in these games nowadays to risk selling on one platform.

The average pricetag for a high profile game is above 10 million dollars! Ask yourself, Would you invest $10,000,000 into something, when you stand the possible risk of people not liking the product, and you only get back 3-6 million back? Seems like you are just wasting money.

@Fobou... Those games will probably be coming out during spring and summer for Ps3! But, I remember Ps3 fans saying those games sucked anyway... but now they are wanted on Ps3.... Am I missing something?

Socom3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

The market: "the days that one company known as SE dominated the RPG market and were considered the best in RPG market, is over man"

Hahaha sorry SE with all the trash you been producing lately, I am forced to go find quality RPGs elsewhere. Like say at Level 5.

Youre ripping off everyone with countless of spin offs that totally destroy the franchise because they are TRASH, remakes that arent really remakes and countless flops.

Its clear how SE are running out of ideas. Almost every idea SE has lately, is borrowed from other games.

Last Remnants - True runes from Suikoden
Blood of Bahamut - clear rip off from Shadow of the Colossus.

SaiyanFury3839d ago

I don't get it, why do people keep referring to Star Ocean 4 as a 360 exclusive? Neither SE nor Microsoft ever claimed it was, and believe you me, Microsoft as they are would be FAST to tout such a game as an exclusive you couldn't get anywhere else. The exact same situation happened with Eternal Sonata; Namco-Bandai said that it was on 360, but never completely denied a PS3 version, only saying that "no PS3 version was planned". The title kept popping up on websites citing a PS3 version was destined to appear, then mysteriously, the citation vanished at the behest of NB. Then *poof* about a year later, here we are with a brand new PS3 version of Eternal Sonata. SE is doing exactly the same thing that NB did over a year ago. SO4 was NEVER confirmed as an exclusive on the 360 and I fully believe that a PS3 version will follow. That is, IF Square-Enix holds to their position about cross platform development.

arika3839d ago

why? because my ps3 is 3 consoles in one, ps1, ps2 and ps3 all rolled into one awesome machine. i got me the 60 gig launch ps3.. soo yeah i agree with them that the one console market is over. hehehe. lol.

agmsd3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

@1.12 -
When? after a year or two!!!

PS: SE was right when they said Western developers are beating the Japanese. look to EA and how it improved and it's releasing games on Both consoles side by side on the same date with close quality after a problemtic start. It looks like SE is a slow learner...

SonyOwnsNextYear3839d ago

square can go burn in the fiery pits of the rrod for all i care.

pharmd3839d ago

well square..... one RPG per gen is over too.... quit stalling, release the games and realize that you dont own the RPG market anymore.....

things change... it is what it is... the market isnt what it used to be and quite frankly, neither is square!

mikeslemonade3839d ago

Sqaure Enix making quality 9.5+ score games is over. Exclusives are proven to be better quality. The proof is in the pudding when you go take all the scores and average them out an exclusive is by far rated higher. As gamers we should all be mad. This decision soley benefits Square Enix in the long run. Just look at EA they make a lot of money but they have lost respect and only now they are starting to gain respect with a good Madden 09, Dead Space, Burnout Paradise, and Mirrors Edge. Square Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft, Activision are all in the same boat. Those publishers are greedy and do so little to move the game industry forward as far as technolgy wise. The only game between Square Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft, and Acitivsion that has truly moved next gen forward is COD4. That is pathetic if you ask me to have one game and they are 4 of the top publishers in the industry.

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Fobuo3839d ago

That's great,so when is the Ps3 version of Infinite Undisovery,Star Ocean 4,and Last Remnant releasing?

And on the flip side,when is the 360 version of FF13-VS releasing?

And REALLY on the flip side,where is the Wii support if you desperately think the winds have changed and that you must therefore change direction as wel?

Really Square,we all know what's really going on:Sony aren't paying you Millions of Dollars anymore in funding for your games,and like the whore which you are,you immediately jumped onto Microsofts lap for development money.And in doing this,not only did you completely shatter your companies reputation of producing high quality RPGs,but you completely shattered the relationship between yourself and your top Developer,that is,Tetsuya Nomura.

As a matter of fact,I'm surprised Squares 'beef' with Nomura hasn't been publicized more;when you have your top employee threatening to leave the company,I would expect quite a few headliners.

So Square,where are you now?3 Years into this generation(2 Years if you started this with a Ps3/Wii)and the best game you've made thus far holds a 68 on Metacritic.

Good luck Square,because if and when FF13 doesn't resonate with fans very well,you're going to have a hard time convincing Sony to bail you out from going broke again.

green3839d ago

Infinite Undiscovey is a microsoft owned IP.

ginganinja3839d ago

FFCC:My life as king, and Chocobo's dungeon is 77.

And if you count the PSP and DS releases then SE has hardly ignored the Sony/Nintendo platforms recently.
Only in the big games on PS3 is there a drought and that's going to have as much to do with development times (and the PS3 being the more tricky to get best out of) than some great conspiracy.

3839d ago
kodiak3839d ago

IU = Microsoft IP
Star Ocean 4 = Square its just the publisher, this game is from Tri-ace

die_fiend3839d ago

Fobuo has no idea what he's chatting. Fair enough about not being multiformat for all games like they're suggesting but they've hardly destroyed their reputation. They've just made people like you weep because people with a console that cost bugger all compared will get the same experience? (People who care about multiple discs will have the option to install it, unlike you who will have to install some of it and probably not have the choice to install it all) The game hasn't come out yet. So you'd rather Square went under because Sony isn't giving them money or that Microsoft propped them up (which hasn't been proven to have been what's happened)

AllahAkbar3839d ago

Square Enix is just trying to play it safe so Sony gamers will hopefully love them still after the betrayal. Square Enix is too scared to say it straight out, let me flatten this out for you guys.

The real translation from this message from SE: Microsoft gave us too much money, we're now developing more games for the 360, and a little bit of games for the PS3.

Alvadr3839d ago

Inifinte Undiscovery sold about 12 copies, no one cares about that game anyway.

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hay3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Well it's obvious. Rising costs of development, smaller instal base of single console than in PS2 era(except wii, nds and psp as for similar years in the market, but development cost isn't as high on them as on X and PS3).
They're doing the right thing but in wrong way. They could've do it with a bit of subtlety, not just "backstabbing" in the back as it looks like for some people.

But I see them as hypocrites saying it when releasing so many X exclusives. If they're timed, well, it's somewhat ok. But then again, we have the FF13 delay controversy.

CrippleH3839d ago

Last Remnant delayed for PS3 yet FF13 PS3 is delayed for 360.


Bladestar3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I think you got it all wrong. You see square is only saying this because there is not true winner between the xbox 360 and the PS3 as far as only developing games for 1 console. If square wants to sell games in Japan they have to make it for the PS3 and if they want to sell in the US they have to make it for the xbox 360.. that was not the case with the PS2 where they can just make the game for that console and forget everything else.

The only reason why square is actively making more games for the xbox 360 is because Microsoft is paying them to... even in some cases hiring them to make games like "Infinite Undiscovery" which microsoft owns.

That's the exception to the rules since; why wouldn't they make games that are funded by someones else pockets and if they flop they have nothing to worry about.

Now, games that they fund the development and publish are the games that they are referring to "one-console market is over". Sadly right now Sony strategy is very different than Microsoft as far as paying developers to work on Sony funded projects. "Sony do not pay for exclusive." That means that developers have very little reasons to keep one of their projects where Sony or Microsoft aren't funding.

This is the same case with DLC... Microsoft knows some 3rd party developers will NOT make their titles exclusives... Sony microsoft pay them to fund extra content that otherwise wouldn't exists since the developers wouldn't risk it.

Don't think for a second that Microsoft do not lose money on some of these deals... Like the GTA DLC... I guarantee you that Sony wouldn't pay for that nor the developers would willingly make it knowing that they may not make that money back... So, the content exist because someone (microsoft) is funding it.

TheColbertinator3839d ago


Your right about the Microsoft strategy and the Sony strategy differences.However,Sony has paid before for games.They payed NCsoft for two games back in 2007.They haven't shown up but they are indeed real

Bladestar3839d ago

@Steven Colbert - I agree and I do not doubt Sony does that. But let's just say they are very picky about doing that which explain why various 3rd party developers like square are working on more xbox 360 projects.

TheColbertinator3839d ago


Absolutely.Personally I hope the end result of Star Ocean 4 turns out better than Infinite Undiscovery.I always prefered the SO series over the Final Fantasy series and I am waiting to see if the wait was worth it

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Fobuo3839d ago

And how did it end up being a Microsoft owned IP?Same thing with FF13-VS,if you think Square are keeping it exclusive on Ps3 as a kind favor then you're out of your mind.

UltimateIdiot9113839d ago

It's a known fact that Microsoft owns IU's IP. They just had SE publish it. As for FFXII-VS, I continue to hope it stays on PS3, there are no guarantee, and if SE respects Nomura, it will stay on the PS3.

kevnb3839d ago

If he does, thats just odd in my mind. I can understand not wanting to program for x console, but to not want your game on x console just sounds foolish/childish.

UltimateIdiot9113839d ago

Noruma is a Sony fanboy, and partly Nintendo.
Because, it's quite obvious multiplatform drags down quality. I love how some games use the sixaxis, like LBP, MGS4, Wipeout, Resistance, etc. Many multiplats don't use sixaxis, and even when they do like Mirror's edge, there is the button equivalent. In LBP, there is no button equivalent for moving your head around with sixaxis. In MGS4, no button equivalent to turn on and off the octocam with a shake in the mist of gunfiring and the joy of shaking your enemies to defeat. But my point is, there are features and experience on a PS3 that only the PS3 can offer and I want games to take advantage of that. I'm not saying the 360 doesn't have any of it's own unique feature such as Live but it's not the same as PS3. I mean it's great if every one could play it.

With games at $60, I expect quality, I want games to utilize the full potential on any given system whether it's on 360, PS3 or Wii.
I only support exclusive if they take advantage of the system.

lordgodalming3839d ago

"does Nomura really care? If he does, thats just odd in my mind."

Not that odd. Kojima (MGS series) seemed to favor the Playstation brand, and Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden) quite vocally hates the Playstation brand. Some devs have a favorite box just like fans.

kevnb3839d ago

good point. Square Enix has a certain strategy though, its all about making alot of money and keeping their good reputation at the same time.

UltimateIdiot9113839d ago

Gabe is a better example. He hates the PS3 with passion.

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demoneyeslaharl3839d ago

I really don't mind SE going multi-platform anymore. I need more quality games though from them.

kevnb3839d ago

they are focusing on the ds more than anything.

ceedubya93839d ago

SE, hasn't really had that many quality games outside of the Final Fantasy series to begin with. Anything else has been hit or miss. The PS1 days were the glory days, imo.

demoneyeslaharl3839d ago

Heh... yeah.

My last RPGs came from NIS and ATLUS. My next RPGs are from Sega and ATLUS: Valkyria Chronicles and Persona 4.

I am hoping FF13 isn't just eye-candy and has a decent/solid story enough to keep me interested.

nycredude3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Ever since the merger between the two company they have pretty much become the EA of the Jap rpg genre (although EA have somewhat redeemed themselves of late). There games just aren't of the quality they were from before. I hope The latest FF is good because I could use a RPG fix besides Fallout and Oblivion but it turns out to be meh then oh well, maybe White Knight Story will pick up the slack.

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