IncGamers: Left 4 Dead Review

IncGamers' Spanner Spencer takes on the zombie hordes in Valve's co-op survival shooter, Left 4 Dead. Is it as infectious as the demo?

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Leord3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Left 4 Dead is SO on my wish list. I am really gonna buy this one.

I am just in love with zombie games...

AndyA3840d ago

This is a fantastic co-op experience. Shat me up something rotten.

thetamer3840d ago

I love beating zombies to within an inch of life. Those motherlovers are cool, and this is a great review. I love the idea of 4 player co-op...awesome

Dorjan3840d ago

Awesome, it's one of the games everyone is talking about!

omni_atlas3840d ago

Now they are. It was off the radar until its release, then came all the stellar reviews. Don't you all know, Valve never fails to please.

Solbadguy3840d ago

on PC and its crazy!!!

Ever since they showed this game I always wanted it cause it had zombies and was made by Valve. They said if you played CS or CSS then you should be familiar with how things work like the controls, so that was icing on the cake cause I like how CSS feels.

I may have to double dip if this ever come to PS3, I have a 360 as well but no live so no point for me to get it on 360.