Uncharted 4 deepfake starring Nathan Fillion is as impressive as it is scary

Eurogamer: We're used to seeing famous actors' faces implanted into footage of movies via the problematic power of the deepfake. But what about famous actors' faces implanted into footage of video games?

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UltraNova103d ago

Man this deepfake algorithm is on another level...

NecrumOddBoy103d ago

Yeah, it's keeping Kim Jong Un alive.

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miloman102d ago

oh man, i had to check in just to say that this comment made me laugh out loud cause its probably true!

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Nacho_Z103d ago

It'd be cool if they applied the same tech to voices and made him sound like Fillion reading the same lines. It's a shame that he's getting on a bit because a young version of himself would have been immaculate casting for the film.

rdgneoz3103d ago

Firefly age would have been perfect.

TheRealTedCruz103d ago

He could still fit older Drake fantastically. That said, had he been cast a decade ago, he could have pulled him off through to now.

ilikestuff103d ago

For some reason I don’t see that movie ever coming out or it’ll be bad when it does

anubusgold103d ago

Just make it a cgi movie everything does not have to be live action. DC comics need to go all animated because the animated movies are always great i cant wait for them all each year.

gunnerforlife102d ago

Why CGI? Uncharted is the type of game thst would translate really well into the big screen given the right cast and story

-Foxtrot103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I personally would have liked Sony to just take a chance with Nolan North if they made the film straight after Drakes Fortune.

The guy is an actor aswell, as I've seen in his interviews Nolan just decided to take the voice acting roles all those years ago as they were more there for him on the spot than the acting ones.

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TheRealTedCruz103d ago

See what we could have had if studio execs weren't idiots?

Sono421102d ago

Seriously though, the fan made Nathan Drake film staring FIllion is amazing! Exactly what you would want from an Uncharted movie, sadly we're getting Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake... seriously who is making these decisions?

Vipre77103d ago

Should have put Felcia Day in for Elena. Dr. Horrible virtual reunion!

anubusgold102d ago

She has become more annoying the more famous she has gotten, plus i like the game character looks better.

Babadook7103d ago

I would like to see them do the opposite. Put Drakes face from U4 into the live action scenes.

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