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WTMG's Thomas Medina: "Book of Demons is a clever twist on what’s admittedly a very safe genre. While everything looks to work the same as you’d expect, the card and movement systems really do change things up. Not to mention the Flexiscope system, which gives you the ultimate flexibility in playing how you want as well. The real highlight for me though were the callbacks and references to the first Diablo. It felt like going back home and finding everything just where you left it. That the developers managed to channel that feeling without coming off as a knockoff is a testament to their knowledge of the genre and the strength of their personal twists to it."

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Interloper149d ago

As much as I love this game, the price just seems a little too steep. :(

instantstupor148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I really just don't get this game. I think it is very straightforward, and incredibly boring. I obviously don't think my opinion is the "right" opinion for everyone, but it is weird when you can't understand what others see in something. Normally I can dislike something and still manage to see where others are coming from. This game just feels like an on rails clicker or something. I really don't get it.