GamesOnSmash: Top Ten Over-Hyped Games This Generation

GamesOnSmash Top 10 Over-Hyped Games this generation..

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Le-mo3833d ago

What the heck.

Too Human

Overrated? Lol

Bigbangbing3833d ago

its over-hyped ... not overrated

Le-mo3833d ago

Ah, snap. I apologize. I read it wrong. :(

P4KY B3833d ago

I thought Too Human was better than Fable 2.
It had better controls and an amazing story.

Fable 2 should be at the top of that list.

The Matrix3833d ago

Not all games that are over hyped are overrated.

Bigbangbing3833d ago

i disagree with AC it was great game .. but the missions is what this game need

i agree with GTA IV , Too Human , and The Most Over Hyped Game in the history of gaming: Halo 3

Solid_Snake6663833d ago

i agree with the GOS crew what was sony thinking with haze but too human was even more hyped

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