Dreams - Trial and Unlock Trailer | PS4

Get a taste of this critically acclaimed smash hit with an unmissable trial and unlock demo.

NecrumOddBoy1450d ago

Get this on PC too! Dreams is epic creativity!

Akarogg 1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Great game.


Dreams Dev Media Molecule Says Layoffs Impact Planned Community and Curation Support

IGN writes: "Media Molecule has said the layoffs at the Sony-owned studio have affected plans for ongoing community and curation support in Dreams."

Inverno28d ago

How self sustained can DREAM be when it's basically stuck on PS4? I don't think it's even gotten a PS5 upgrade. Ending support for what is essentially a game making engine is basically death. SONY did DREAMS dirty.


How Dreams Tren update was inspired by a childhood spent playing with trains

Media Molecule Creative Director John Beech talks about making a very personal project in Dreams, available with PlayStation Plus.

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Dreams - Tren Trailer | PS4 Games

Get ready for a trenmendous puzzlin’, high-score chasin’, nostalgic adventure, in the latest Mm Original, Tren!

poppatron267d ago

This is really cool, it’s a shame they didn’t do more of this during the first 5 years of dreams. Demonstrates how powerful a tool it is. I kind of got the feeling puzzle types of games were really going to be the best use of dreams for putting together a whole complete game. More ambitious things never went beyond tech demos really. Or did they? I stopped really looking after a while

closed_account267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yea, this is John Beech's creation.. I remember him showing these trains in production 2 or so years ago, so it's pretty amazing how far he's taken it!

John's story is pretty awesome. He was just a normal guy working a construction job, and he built Little Big Planet levels on PS3 just for fun. Media Molecule contacted, then hired him bc his creations were so good.

He has been a lead designer for MM, 14 yrs, until recently he became their new Creative Director this year when Mark Healey stepped down.

Beech is a super nice and humble guy, I've been following him for a few years now since i first saw his photo realistic "Traditional English Breakfast" creation in Dreams.

So you can see why this creation is the best of the best! I find Beech's story super inspiring, someone who did not go through the traditional route of game design training with nothing but a whole lot of passion and a hell of an amount of undiscovered talent!

Inverno266d ago

Apparently there's a movie that will use Dreams engine, but I believe it's still in the making. That's probably as ambitious as it'll get unfortunately.

Yi-Long267d ago

This looks gorgeous and fantastic. Really hope Sony reconsiders pulling support for Dreams, now that it’s coming to Plus.

closed_account267d ago

I'm really hoping they create a sequel that they can expand upon with multiplayer and huge connected worlds. This could be Sony's Rec Room or Roblox if they supported it right. It would be the best looking of the bunch for sure!

Honestly, I think Sony should put Media Molecule in charge of creating a new Playstation Home platform, utilizing these player creation tools they've developed.

I can only imagine how amazing a cohesive PS Home world could be in PSVR, but they should of course include flat support just like Rec Room/Roblox.