Doing More With Less – How Games Need to Learn to Focus

BY ROBIN GALE: I was speaking to an Italian friend of mine recently, who was contrasting how differently Italians and British people approach food. She was lamenting her (British) boyfriend getting two scoops of gelato; one chocolate and one lemon. “My mum and I both agreed” she sighed, “an Italian would never mix those two flavours. Why would you? You end up ruining two great tastes, keeping things simple is always better”. When it comes to Italian food she is, of course, correct – classics such as the margarita or spaghetti carbonara work because they use a few ingredients very well.

I have started to suspect that the Italian food-rule might also be true for gaming. So many times, I have been enjoying a game only for it to inexplicably change character or even genre, nearly always hampering and distracting my experience. Other times, I have been refreshed by completing a game that only tried to do a few things, but just absolutely nailed them. Keeping things simple usually pays off, and throwing too many flavours in can sometimes dilute and ruin a potentially excellent idea.

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phoenixwing146d ago

I don't necessarily agree with the article but at least it seems like a modicum of thought went into this article as opposed to others I've seen on here.

monochromer145d ago

Ni No Kuni 2 suffered from this problem quite severely, I think.

philm87145d ago

Have to agree to a point, not a fan of those little stealth scenes as other characters on Spiderman, I'd take a long cut-scene over that any day. With regards to Doom, love it, but I was ready for it to end when it did as it does get a tad repetitive. With Spiderman it just left me wanting more.

RazzerRedux145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I can't stand Italian food snobs.

I do agree with much of what the article says though. The animus is the perfect example of a fish suddenly yanked out of water. It is so disruptive and pointless.

Nerdmaster145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

The most recent example of this that I found is in FFVII remake. I'm not even talking about the side quests.

I'm talking about having to leave Aerith's house in the middle of the night. What should be straightforward, and not even needing the player's interaction - a cutscene showing Cloud getting up and cutting to him going down the stairs should've been enough - turned into a clunky minigame of walking through a (suddenly) cluttered hall trying not to hit anything. Other silly minigames like the gym ones are at least optional, but this in Aerith's house is part of the main story, so it bothered me the most.

EmperorDalek141d ago

It was like that in the original game though, so they probably couldn't just turn it into a cutscene.