Digging Into the SteamWorld Series

BY ROBIN GALE: How Image & Form balance the new with the comforting.

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Best iPhone Strategy Games

Jack Brassell writes: "Looking for a mobile strategy game that will keep you enthralled. Then check out our list of the Best iPhone Strategy Games."

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Thunderful Has Four New SteamWorld Games in Development

From IGN: "Thunderful Games has four separate SteamWorld games in development with three expected to launch next year.

The company revealed during its latest financial results that SteamWorld Headhunter - a third person action adventure that was revealed in November - is just one of four different genres the SteamWorld franchise is exploring. It is expected to launch in 2023, along with two others.

Those two, codenamed 'Strawberry' and 'Coffee', will be followed in 2024 by 'Caramel'. Are all listed as "SteamWorld IP" games, with Strawberry and Coffee actually listed before Headhunter in Thunderful's development timeline."

HomoLuden559d ago

Coolest news in a while ! Steamworld games are always the best! Steamwrold Dig,Dig 2, Steamworld Quest and Steamworld Heist are all fabulous games !!


PlayStation Indies promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Discover something different with a huge selection of fascinating titles now discounted for a limited time.

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blackblades906d ago

Got bladed fury, apparently its been on steam since 2018. Might have to start playing with steam for these types games.