New Diablo 3 Screens and Artwork

New images have been made available for Diablo III, one of the games Blizzard currently has in production.

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AndyA4351d ago

Wow, that's some nice artwork

Leord4351d ago

The Malformed is quite nasty =P

SCFreelancer4351d ago

I want to see that..Animated :D It has some interesting potential!

thor4351d ago

It's looking good. I think this game has the potential to beat D2 - I know people are upset about the things they have changed but by keeping the camera the same, they're keeping the left-click-mashing gameplay the same, and I'm sure the other mechanics they've changed they have done so for a reason.

It's all about perfecting the gameplay and balance for Blizzard. Let's hope they can pull it off.

meluvulongtime4351d ago

The artwork looks great. I'm so excited for D3 if this game is as fun as D2 I'll be hooked for sure.

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Leord4351d ago

I think the Witch Doctor study of armour is quite interesting...

thetamer4351d ago

Art work looks awesome. I am really interested to see how they develop this.

Leord4351d ago

Yes, we'll see how things go with colour, and the art controversy.


SCFreelancer4351d ago

@Leord: It that "Art controversy" still a hot subject? I though it was long forgotten? The new thing was the loss of stat points right? :P

Leord4351d ago

Lol, you're quite right =)

Maticus4351d ago

This is from the BlizzCast right? They always have very good info.

SCFreelancer4351d ago

I think it is. BlizzCast is as they say it would be. It doesn't really contain huge announcements, but a lot more behind the scenes stuff, day of a developer and reasoning behind design decisions. I like it :) I have to admit though that I usually read the podcast instead of listening to it :P

Leord4351d ago

Yep, I agree. Also, I do tend to read the stuff rather than listening. I just don't have time to listen to it for an hour =P

Elly4351d ago

Where can I buy one of those Diablo models?

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The story is too old to be commented.