Ace Combat 7 Fans Rally to Play Main Theme Along With the Composer, and It's Heartwarming

A few days ago, Ace Combat 7 composer Keiki Kobayashi posted a video of himself playing the game's main theme, and the fans are joining in.

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SaveFerris96d ago

So good to see and hear the creativity of video game fans.

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Abnor_Mal95d ago

Ace Combat5 has the best theme and OST of the entire series in my opinion.

jerethdagryphon94d ago

So in a blind test of 5 people none of whom know ace combat not one picked the heavy metel monstrosity of a theme of acah. Yes it's a small sample size but. Still

The entire soundtrack character and feel of ah was off the shifting viewpoint was horrid as was the copter missions.

And yes I did give the game a fair chance as I platinumed it.

For me the games go

Ace 4
Ace 5
Ace 7
Ace 3
Ace 1
Ace 2
Pots dropped on the floor
Ace ah

It just wasn't fun and the last mission was just so boring. You can't do anything until he finishes his tour of dc.
The dogfight mode was horrid