Dying Light Hellraid DLC Announced, Will Be Based on Cancelled Project

The studio announced the Dying Light Hellraid DLC with a new trailer and confirmed it's based on the studio's unreleased fantasy first-person project. Trailer and official DLC synopsis revealed.

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D3TH_D33LR105d ago

I thought I recognized the title as their cancelled medieval game. Cool

BlackIceJoe105d ago

I just hope this is to get people excited for Hellraid again. Which now will come out on the PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Tex4242105d ago

I think the idea is they turned the Hellraid game into an actual game inside Dying Light, and it wont release as it's own actual game like planned. I for one am excited, as I've anticipated Hellraid since it was announced years ago.

BlackIceJoe105d ago

It is possible that could be the case, but hopefully Hellraid in Dying Light will be successful and Techland will then bring out a real new game next.

rawshack105d ago

Let's hope it's like a full sized game like the following

Tex4242105d ago

I'm thinking it should be pretty sizable. It was originally for 360/PS3 then got pushed to next gen, but it was pretty much done but was put on hold to start Dying Light development. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be good. Now, if we could just get a release date for Dying Light 2. Probably holding back for the new consoles.

Leeroyw105d ago

The Following was a way better game than the first, even as DLC, and I loved the first

AK91105d ago

Kinda sucks they couldn't get it off the ground as a separate game but glad they were able to put it into an awesome game.

HylianMigz105d ago

dang wanted to play that, i suppose in some way or another i still get to

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