The Xeno "Saga" Is the Greatest RPG Series of All Time

The Xeno "Saga" spans six games and has established a legacy of being the Greatest RPG Series of All Time, surpassing even Final Fantasy

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RpgSama506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

"and has established a legacy of being the Greatest RPG Series of All Time, surpassing even Final Fantasy"

I love it how some people sensationalizes everything by talking in absolutes, lol, this is according to who? Who decided that? Who made it official? Don't get me wrong, It is a great series, but so is the Legend of Heroes, FF, Persona, SMT, Dragon Quest, Suikoden, Star Ocean and many, many more.

Rocketisleague506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Agreed suikoden 2 is the sht. Xenogears is one of my favorite rpgs for sure. Prefer ff7 to both of them. Slightly.
Chrono trigger..

bouzebbal506d ago

Squaresoft is the matter of RPGs.. Xeno is okay, I hate games where I create my character, they are soulless. I prefer much more games where the story is centered around the main character who has his own personality..

Sono421505d ago

Has the author never played any other RPG before? That's the only way I could see someone saying this is the best RPG series of all time.

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solideagle506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Can they not release it on Xbox and PlayStation?
On Topic: what boundaries did it push or new mechanics? I have not played it. I have played xenogears which was awesome

rainslacker506d ago

The xenosaga series on ps2 is my favorite series of all time. Gears was great. The nintendo xeno games are really good.

But despite that, I still wouldnt call them the greatest among all that exist. At least not to the point where it's not debatable.

Zeldafan64506d ago

It's rivaling my love for Dragon Quest for most loved rpg series.

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Pego506d ago

Not only is the best RPG series of all time, but one of the best franchises in the existence of entertainment overall. Period.

Lore506d ago

From a gameplay perspective, you’d make a valid point. However the “entertainment” medium as a whole would beg to differ. Nonetheless, their deep and fun mechanics throughout as well as exploration is excellent. Where both adults and kids can get through and enjoy the experience

neutralgamer1992506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

that's an opinion and everyone has a right to have one

RPG is a Vague term so many games come under this and we all have our favorites

King_Noctis505d ago

I actually agree with you on this one. The term “best” or “greatest” is very subjective.

phoenixwing506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

of all time? There is some stiff competition. Not to mention you say rpg so now that opens up western rpg games which is a whole different beast when it comes to the argument because vast groups of people don't even like jrpg's and prefer wrpg's

Not only that, the best final fantasy games outshine xenosaga in my eyes while the worst ones aren't as good as the worst xenosaga games so basically it all depends how you look at it. There is also the games for tales of being more consistant and dragon quest too.

I guess what i'm trying to say is maybe if you toned down your claim a little and said it was one of the best then maybe we wouldn't be arguing, but then again, you wouldn't have much of an article to bang out would you?

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Movefasta1993506d ago

Tales? They are nice and yes consistent but I wouldn't put in anywhere near final fantasy or dragon quest.

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