The More I Think About Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The More I Like It

Reflections on why Final Fantasy 7 Remake is more than the sum of its parts.

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dmonee271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I concur with this article. It was love, hate at first for me. Then I started a second play through on hard and normal. There was a moment while fighting Corneos monster in the trap floor, that I found myself playing exactly the same way I did older FF games. I got into a rhythm and knew if I keep this up I will beat the boss on hard difficulty. When to switch characters, when to use a spell, an ability, or throw a hi potion. Its a rinse, wash, repeat sequence until you gain the upper hand. The difference between this and the old school games is that, you can’t lose your focus or hesitate. Once you do, it makes it an uphill battle. It dawned on me that this is an evolution to a turn based battle system. Not an entirely different system just because it’s happening in real time. That’s when I thought, “I love this game”

oakshin271d ago

That's the key it's still got turned based DNA I'm just worried I have to much faith in square I can't explain a few part of the ending and it's killing me

dmonee221d ago

I agree. Way too long for this game to get released. It looks great but some rough areas. Square tends to get arrogant with their development. Like their shit doesn’t stink. I would have been happy with FFVII with polished visuals and slight gameplay tweaks. They took a risk and may have bitten off more then they can chew

Juancho51271d ago

I'm doing a play through on hard mode now, Airbuster busted my ass and I was standing up fingers trembling and had a giant smile on my face. NO frustration whatsoever that I failed miserably and got my insides pulled out by this massive robot. Because I can toy with my material combinations and try again and it's FUN every time! I'm on round 2...wish me luck lol.

Juancho51271d ago

Just beat him, FUCK YEAH!!!!