Dying Light April 30 Update Now Live

Techland has released the Dying Light update and it's live now! Here's the list of known changes implemented.

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snoopgg106d ago

It's time for Dying Light 2, I beat this game long ago.

toxic-inferno106d ago

So did I, however I recently started playing it again, and realised I had forgotten how amazing it was. One of the better games of this generation, and yet it was such an early release!

FreeFallFrenzy105d ago

I beat it a while back as well but my buddy and I are looking for a great co-op game to play. He just bought it last night and we'll start it up this weekend. Can't wait!

Smitty2020106d ago

Am sorry to say I haven’t had the chance to play this game yet 🙈 too many games in my list at the moment

Psychotica106d ago

Besides Dying Light being a great game, one of the main reasons I am looking forward to Dying Light 2 is because of the developers continued support of their games.

Minute Man 721105d ago

I was playing this game. Bout 1/4 way done, sone update came out and erased my game. What I'm really waiting for is my son to stop playing CoD n Apex so we can play this together

TheHan105d ago

I’m waiting on Dying light 2