Xbox Game Pass Has Over 10 Million Subscribers; Xbox Live Had Nearly 90 Million Monthly Active Users

During Microsoft’s quarterly financial conference CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood talked about the company’s gaming business.

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Kribwalker1240d ago

10 million subscribers is nuts. if they keep supporting it with lots of day one releases, i could see the sub base keep climbing, especially around the launch of Halo infinite

xXMessiah23Xx1240d ago

At 5 bucks per month. 50 million without including the Game Pass revenue. I remember thinking Blizzard had it made with its monthly revenue from subscribers.

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CaptainHenry9161240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

That price is going to change next generation. I expected it to be around $15.99 to $20.00 so they can make more profit especially if they add more day one releases.

Are they also counting Windows game pass as well?

KillBill1240d ago

Not sure what currency you are quoting here? Game Pass is basically $10 a month PC or Console with $15 a month for Game Pass ultimate. There are introductory pricing but the idea they are as prevalent versus regular subscriptions is less likely seeing the year over year growth.

Microsoft by far earns much more from sales revenue increases showing from Game Pass user base (not subscribers) which is showing a monthly 90 million users each month. (I myself have 5 family members on our plan).

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DJStotty1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )


1$ gamepass is for NEW subscribers, not current. You can not take the offer every month.

darthv721240d ago

I wasnt too sure of the service at first but then I got one of those $1 for 3mo introductory offers and got hooked. And since then I have been able to use points from bing searches as well as deals on the internet for additional months of service. If I dont buy another offer... my service runs until the middle of 2021.

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Jin_Sakai1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I’m sure most of those 10 million subscribers are from the $1 deals. I’ll be more impressed should they stay after the prices return to normal.

ABizzel11240d ago

This. The service is worth the asking price, even at normal pricing, but the $1 promotion does help these numbers, but I'm pretty sure subscriber count won't dramatically drop afterwards either. $10 - $15/mo for a decent library of games is almost as good as Gamefly. I have it for my little brother so we don't have to buy him games anymore. He has about 3 games he wants new, the rest he play on GamePass.

ReadyPlayer221240d ago

Lol, this is said every time Microsoft comments on Game Passes success for the past 2 years. Now that official numbers are released, it's still $1 deals?

Donnie811240d ago

Don’t worry when you get your series x because it’s the vastly superior system you can grab you one month for a buck and enjoy the best deal in gaming

Godmars2901240d ago

How are $1 deals not a factor?

Jin_Sakai1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

“Don’t worry when you get your series x because it’s the vastly superior system“

Without vastly superior exclusives. It’s too bad you guys can’t look past specs. We’ll let the games do the talking once they’re shown.

RazzerRedux1240d ago

Maybe. Personally, I use Microsoft Rewards so I pay zero cash for Game Pass. It doesn't really matter. Microsoft is bringing in gamers with their strategy. This is all about engagement. It is a smart strategy.

TK-661240d ago


"How are $1 deals not a factor?"

Because it's equivalent to arguing that a sizable portion of PS Now's 1m subscribers are just people making new accounts and getting the trial.

Christopher1240d ago

***Lol, this is said every time Microsoft comments on Game Passes success for the past 2 years. Now that official numbers are released, it's still $1 deals?* **

My $1 conversion ends in January 2021. It will take a while to see if it sticks at $10 or $15/month.

Godmars2901240d ago

That would be as bad if not worse, only I don't think Sony - their extremist fans - are trying to use the populist argument to get their service because its popular. Not that I've looked.

Then again, Sony's not so seemingly desperate to push their service as to include AAA titles day one.

ReadyPlayer221240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )


With God of War and Spiderman making it onto PS Now, the writing is on the wall. More and more of Sony's 1st party games will have to make it into PS Now if they even hope to compete with big tech in streaming. Look at xCloud, it's been in very limited beta for a just year and is even approaching a million users.

L7CHAPEL1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

oh I'm sure that's the reason.
I'm sure there's lots of people that want to argue the negative aspects of getting a great deal.
I upgraded, I've got it for 3 years at no greater price that I would have paid for Xbox live to begin with.
it's a nice little statistic for everybody that claims that Xbox isn't successful, and want to judge everything by console sales.
90 million.
I've got three additional accounts on mine Xbox live, and they pay no additional price for the service or for Game pass ultimate, they have access to everything on it.
Saves me a ton of money.
And@ jin_sakai: exclusives are nice we've gotten plenty of them, and we'll get more.
but there are thousands of games that AREN'T exclusives that are there for the playing, you guys bought your console because that's what's most important to you, are those "precious Sony exclusives🙄" some of us don't care about 100's of jrpgs, and maybe the four or five actual Sony games that come out in a year, only two or three of which I'd be interested in to begin with, as well as millions of other people...
or we wouldn't be on Xbox.

exclusives isn't the only thing consoles have to offer.
and millions of people game for different reasons 🤘

Godmars2901240d ago

GOW and Spiderman were offered *DAY ONE* on PS Now?

When did the games go on PS Now, six months to year if not longer after release? How is that THE EXACT SAME THING as what MS is doing?

I was only ever a fan of gaming as a streaming service when it was going to be earlier titles through TVs and the like. As is now its just gong to make console gaming as generic as mobile.

execution171240d ago

I just use that so i can buy games at a discount

gamer78041240d ago

as long as the service keeps up with good games they will probably mostly stay, considering just by playing the games you can pay or your subscription to GPU.

Christopher1240d ago

Just to note for the person who downvoted my response above:

For $1 I:

* converted a year of XBL Gold that I already had to Game Pass Ultimate.
* converted a one month of XBL Gold code that I had laying around from buying my XOX.
* got 3 months of Discord Nitro for free, which also gave me 3 months of XBL Gold that also converted over.

So, for $1 I converted 1 year and 4 months of XBL Gold to Game Pass Ultimate. I paid $40 for the XBL Gold year sub. So, that's $41 for what is supposed to cost me $210.

When people talk about the $1 deals, they're not talking about just the free introductory months, but also the conversion from XBL to Game Pass Ultimate for cheap as heck. An amazing deal. But I have no clue if I will keep the sub up after that or just sub for $15/month when a game or two pops up that I want to try. I do love XBL Gold and I do like some of the games coming to GamePass (Wasteland 3, Gears Tactics). But I'm not just going to stay subscribed when I typically buy games for real cheap as it is, typically with all the DLC/Season Passes included.

DJStotty1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )


The 1$ deal has been going for just under a year, maybe more. That is when i subscribed, because it was £1 for the first month. So no... most of the 10 million are not from the 1$ deals.

The 3 month Ultimate offer has been going since December 2019, we are now 4/5 months later, so them that got it back in Dec/Jan are now paying full price.

LordJamar1240d ago

No there not that 1$ thing barely exist any more that was a special deal to get you in most are paying for ultimate 15$ a month or normal gamepass which is 10$ I think my gamepass ultimate is not 1$ a month has not been for like 4 months

Sgt_Slaughter1240d ago

Microsoft loves fluffed up numbers instead of hard $$$ figures or actual copies sold, because they realize it's better PR when it's inflated. It's why they stopped telling people how many Xbox's have been sold or how many copies each game sells. Always take their announcements like this with a grain of salt for that reason.

There's tons of trials active and $1 deals that have bumped this number way up.

BillyG0AT1240d ago

The prices have been normal for months

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AngelicIceDiamond1240d ago

I sure the announcement of RDR2 hitting the service will sustain the subscribers.

gravedigger1240d ago

All of the existing Halo, Fable, Gears, and Perfect Dark games, as well as Outer Worlds & Hellblade, are currently on Gamepass FWIW.

Not surprised at the 10 million milestone given the number of ultimate deals they've offered, the real test will be when everyone is paying $15/mo.

KillBill1240d ago

That was a long time ago where the Ultimate deal started... those of us that partook back then for the most part are still here a year later. My first offering was a free 3 month ultimate with no hidden requirements. After the 3 months it was simply done. Chose to continue simply because of the volume of games we as a family played and had available to us. No brainer as there simply was no reason not to purchase it for the day 1 Microsoft Exclusives alone. If you are playing on Xbox then likely you are invested in their franchises. As for new gamers to Xbox you soon become invested in their franchises as they are all right there on Game Pass to be played.

DJStotty1240d ago


Exactly why i subbed, just for MS exclusives alone it works out cheaper than buying the games at full price, even at £7.99 per month.

7.99 x 12 months = 95.88

At least 3 MS Exclusives at 49.99 each (DAY 1) 3 x 49.99 = 149.97

No brainer.