WorthPlaying: FIFA 09 Review

WorthPlaying: "Without a doubt, FIFA '09 is the most fun soccer title I've ever played. There are tons of options for how to play the game, from the ridiculous number of teams to a large amount of modes that really deliver. The only rough spots come from occasional buggy animations and physics, and the biggest new addition ? the solo Be a Pro mode ? is just not that compelling to play. FIFA '09 is a wonderful game that any soccer fan should pick up, and the series has finally overtaken Winning Eleven as the best soccer game on the market."

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jromao3832d ago

More biased crap, one more that speaks about PES without knowing how to play it or never did.

Who wants clear reviews about PES and FIFA should read the .PDF files with that info at

Shame we still see EA propaganda out there, who don't know nothing about both games will end buying FIFA instead PES 2009 and that's a huge mistake.

YouNoob3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

way more ppl bought FIFA09
way more ppl are playing FIFA09
all the reviews say FIFA09 is the better game (which it cleary is for anyone who isnt't blind or completely retarded)

but according to you and a few other remaining pes fan girls, everyone is wrong. sure.... what a tool!

btw BRAZIL 6 portugal 2 LOL!

ps. ignored, bye!