Heading into Next-Generation with Sony and the PlayStation 5

Karl Dwyer for SG: "In this article I’m going to be focusing on Sony with a view of how they are lining up for the next generation including touching on the position they’ve enjoyed this generation, their IP roadmap, and what technologies they’ve focused on for the future."

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crazyCoconuts213d ago

Nice write-up. I agree that Sony could pull of some neat integrations with PS Now tech when you bought the digital copy, like streaming for free and/or streaming while you download. That would be great considering the < 1TB SSD will quickly he consumed by bigger and bigger games. How about managing less played games transparently so that they get deleted without you knowing it to make space for new games, but still show up in your library and automatically stream when launched? That would be a neat option...

ElementX213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

"How about managing less played games transparently so that they get deleted without you knowing it"

Games getting automatically deleted isn't a good idea, lol. Seriously, who the hell would think that's a good idea? What if you're busy for a month or two or find another game to play for a while? I thought streaming was bad? Who wants to stream a game while it installs? It might work with a disc based game, but many people buy digital. Streaming takes up enough bandwidth, how long would the install take on top of that?

crazyCoconuts213d ago

It could be an option that you could turn off. And it would only delete it if you tried downloading a game and didn't have enough space. I would like that because I have a strong internet connection

ElementX213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I have 50mbps up/down fiber and unlimited for $50 (I mention that because I use a local Minneapolis company called US Internet, if you're paying more and live in a decent sized city, check around for local companies, screw Comcast/Xfinity). I could do it, but why? Who wants to stream a game for an hour during the download when you could just do something else and see the game played off the drive with the highest quality graphics?

crazyCoconuts213d ago

@element, remember this?: who would want to stream a movie on Netflix when you can get a pristine Blu-ray copy in the mail? Sure streaming quality has improved but with music and video convenience has won over quality. Personally I get where you're coming from. I still use for my movies and flac audio. And I wouldn't play God of war at 1080p stereo. But psnow will be getting better and people are looking for more instant gratification imo

ElementX213d ago

Crazy, you aren't streaming a movie while installing it at the same time. That's apples and oranges.

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FITSniper213d ago

While games will undoubtedly grow, hopefully the pace in which they grow will slow since SSDs will eliminate the need to duplicate data as Sony/Microsoft/Devs have talked about was required for this gen.

UltraNova213d ago

Correct, I expect similar game sizes to current gen if not slightly bigger.

KwietStorm_BLM213d ago

There's no way in hell I want them deleting anything or modifying anything on the client side without me knowing. That's the worst kind of action for a company to take.

Kiwi66213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Why can't you delete old games that you no longer want yourself rather than letting Sony do it for you as they might delete a game/games that you wanted to keep to play at a later time

rainslacker213d ago

There is something else like this out in the wild on PC, but cant for the life of me remember what it is.

If it's anything like that, then you can choose which files to not delete should the need arise. I'd imagine it would be something like that.

Plus, it's probably an optional feature like auto downloads or auto updates. Pretty much everything on sonys system is optional.

Donnie81212d ago

That is a good idea because the ssd isn’t even one full tb. The size of games is getting out of hand

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AngelicIceDiamond213d ago

This is a nice write up, in fact it's well constructed. Sony is still in position of power and momentum going in the next generation, poised for another killer generation imo. Just like this article highlighted
how MS making up for a loss gen and hoped to do better next gen with this article.

This got failed for no reason despite it being well written. It's sad to see because you don't see too many well done articles about PS or Xbox with out some sort of bias or jabbing going on. What's disturbing is this got approved and the the link I posted got taken down with out reason.

Porshapwr213d ago

Thank you for the note. Our site published both and anyone who follows us knows we keep it factual and report on all platforms honestly. There's a positive story to be told for all 3 major platforms currently and we should all be applauding that as we as gamers benefit. And yes, the Xbox article was very popular and then it was failed without reason (and no response).

AngelicIceDiamond213d ago

I appreciate absolutely appreciate the transparency. Glad we an some together in a hobby that we love.

CBaoth212d ago

because that article's premise is ridiculous. When you're outsold by 60 million in hardware, there's no position of strength. When you're one of the biggest publishers in the world and you haven't had a single internally developed IP sell 10 million the last decade (last being Bungie's Halo 3 at 12 mil) there's no position of strength. I quit reading 3 paragraphs in on both articles because the bias is obvious.

I do look forward to reading the piece of what went wrong next gen. I'm sure it will be provocative and insightful how last place is STILL leading the pack.

arkard213d ago

A Sony article? Chris unapproving is 3....2....

pwnmaster3000213d ago

Lol Xbox fanboys says the same thing about him with MS articles.

Maybe he isn’t so bias to one console.

Donnie81212d ago

You gotta be kidding me. He loves Sony

CertifiedGamer213d ago

I have supported Sony since PS1, I got my PS1 the first Christmas that it was available but seeing as Sony decided to make its headquarters in California AKA SJW Central has me skeptical about its future. If the rumors I have heard about LOU2 using Anita Sarkesian influence during the development then I see Sony losing the steam it regained in the PS4. I will likely buy the console on day 1 but their ignorance and stupidity to cave into SJW fake-gamer journos has caused me to doubt their intelligence going forward into this generation. Sony has censoring Devil May Cry 5 is one example of what I am referring to.

BQ32213d ago

Shut up Snowflake. Do you morons even realize how pathetic it sounds to cry about some SJW conspiracy every other article. No, the world is not caving to some SJW take over, and the fact that you think something as common as moving headquarters to California is some conspiracy theory really shows you are a bit deranged not to mention a bigot.

CertifiedGamer213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

@BQ32 You're upset that SJW is a cancer to anything it touches, and how does disliking an idea make me a bigot? Hating and disliking censorship does not make me a snowflake, you need to redefine your definition of what that is because your world is flipped. A snowflake is your reaction when Biden beat Bernie in the primaries, go cry me a river with that. Go watch your feminist frequency and go simp over some woman in twitter as that is the closest thing you are to getting it. Facts don't care about your feelings.

Silly gameAr212d ago

Do you need a safe space to cry in?

Snakefist30212d ago

Don't worry.Sony knows this they won't do anything drastic to piss off the gamers.

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chicken_in_the_corn213d ago

I'm not hyped at all for next gen. I want to get both consoles in the future but I'm not feeling it at the moment

akaFullMetal212d ago

I think you will get hyped when we finally see the games in action. We had two reveals with Microsoft and sony but with relatively no game play or new reveals. I'm surprised we haven't seen anything yet, but once we do, I think you'll catch the fever. Unless I'm reading
you all wrong?

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