Star Citizen Locked Up And Loaded Trailer

It is still in Alpha but this looks interesting as the latest trailer for the forever in development game has arrived.

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mixelon175d ago

I LOVE how long this game is taking and even its insane feature creep. Id like to see more cross-generational Uber-games like this, even if there's a big risk of it not paying off at the end, I can't knock how ambitious it is.

By the time its "finished" I'll probably need a whole new pc to run it well.

Garethvk175d ago

Many doubt we well ever see it completed. No reason to as long as people keep paying money hand over first for a game that is still in Alpha. I interviewed Chris Roberts years ago and he said 6 months until the Beta.

FullDiveDerail174d ago

I think we will see the game launch eventually. I just think they need to draw that line that we are getting too ambitious now. I really like what I have played so far and if they can pull it off we will see something truly great. I am sure making something like this that has never existed at this scale is impossible to measure. I like to be optimistic in life and not go to forums to hate things but celebrate stuff I like. There is enough of political, toxic garbage I see any news station or feed.

mixelon174d ago

I’m in no rush..

There are comparable games by genre(s) and nothing of this scale exists - and under the traditional funding/publisher model this would never have been possible as it’s scope is too broad..

Being tied to the publisher/launch window system almost wrecked NMS too, and they’ve more than recovered since, but structurally NMS is a simpler game without as many moving parts so tacking things on has worked really well for them.

It’s nice to see a dev doing it the other way around and not going to beta or release until they’ve put “everything” (and the kitchen sink) in first.. Even if it backfires or doesn’t work out it’s really interesting.

NecrumOddBoy175d ago

Your money is LOCKED UP
And their wallets are LOADED

Garethvk175d ago

I have heard how they have been opening offices and such. I wonder how much of the 278 million is actually in the game development.

nyu1174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

What ? Their burn rate is huge. They can't afford to not put all of it into the game dev.
They're probably at around 600 employees by now, or close.