She Will Punish Them Customization & Gameplay

CG writes: Releasing on PC via Steam comes a new game from L2 Game Studios entitled She Will Punish Them. It’s an action RPG of sorts and has you enter survival areas as a deadly succubus character fending off waves of hellish creatures. What’s neat is you can customize her a little as well as play dress-up with some neat outfits.

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phoenixwing1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Uhmmm they do realize succubuses are delvilish creatures too right. You'd think they'd get along.

Edit: just watched some and it's rough around the edges

CatCouch1130d ago

Looks a little stiff, but I like it!
I love the art. I will keep my eye on it to see if the gameplay shapes up to be worth a playthrough~