"Exclusive" MGS4 "Limited" Edition PS3 Winds Up At Walmart For $399

Kotaku writes: "Boy, we really, really hope you didn't drop $599 (or more) of your hard-earned dollars on this " exclusive" Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 bundle that was going to be released in "very, very limited" quantities. And we hope you didn't tear your silky, well-conditioned hair out during the painful pre-ordering process. Because now it can be had for a comparative song at, reduced to just $399 USD."

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TheColbertinator3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I see Kotaku is running out of articles to get taken seriously

Headline "Limited Console not very Limited"

How exciting /sarcasm

They should head over to Nintendo,Microsoft,or Sony and get some scoops on some real games,interviews with some big shots,and act like real journalists.I use to respect this site and now I couldn't care less about it.

PS Yes I know I posted about them but whatever.

god_o_war3832d ago

well they cant head over to Sony to get scoops on games since Sony black balled the LOL

BulletToothtony3832d ago

for their ps3, ps3 owners are proud owners and they don't care how much they paid, because obviously they paid that much cause they can afford it.

How about the Halo3 "Limited 360's" That walmart still has behind their glass cabinets?? Even a year after..

Why the hate over every single little and i mean LITTLE thing they find with the ps3.. what do they gain?? Happiness of their ever shrinking reader base??? What's so hard about liking a well built machine with great games.. Surely it can't be anything else besides the price tag..

Actually there's always the chance that by writing such stupid fanboy articles, and with such big amount of insecure fanboys they fall into their fanboy flamebait and get hits in order to get a bigger paycheck just by writing stupidities.. I guess fanboys are the ones to blame for sites like these to keep writing their stupid opinions.

Sitdown3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"when are you gonna learn that no matter how much people paid
for their ps3, ps3 owners are proud owners and they don't care how much they paid, because obviously they paid that much cause they can afford it."

Umm, I am a ps3 owner and I care.........cause the cheaper I can get it, the more money I can spend on games for it...or my other consoles. Your statement would have me assume that you don't look for sales...and you do not mind paying high prices for consoles are video games. I pay for what I enjoy...but that does not mean I would not like it a whole lot more at a cheaper price.

Lifendz3832d ago

I don't know if they consider this type of stuff funny, witty, or what but all it does is make people like me refrain from their website.

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Raoh3832d ago

LOL did sony really black ball them from sony media? i hope so..

whats funny is that post blew up in their faces. instead of people dissing the ps3 people are excited and talking about how good a deal it is and how they wish to jump on getting it. LOL

kwyjibo3832d ago

There were two points to the post at Kotaku, to comment on that the exclusivity label was purely a marketing ploy, and to publicise the deal. They succeeded in both.

It's unsurprising that the N4G crowd have played the Sony media conspiracy card. This is the same audience who championed a perceived Columbia Films NXE block, even though it would have been anti-competitive and anti-consumer.

Well done N4G. You have a broken comments system, promoting incestuous bubbling circle jerks between retards. An echo chamber for the uninformed.

fredy3832d ago

i guess this thing wasn't so special and probably not selling..

i would feel like crap if you bought one 4 months ago.

demoneyeslaharl3832d ago

Uh... the game is pretty much worth the console. So, yeah...

It was still, very much worth it.

hay3832d ago

Also note the fact that this is Wallmart, not everyone lives close enough to buy it for the incredibly awesome price, well, not everyone lives in US.

wicked3832d ago

I expect it will play a 10 minute cut scene when you turn it on.......Smile I'm just joking. ;)

TheColbertinator3832d ago

Joke on,dude.People these days take everything too seriously

demoneyeslaharl3832d ago

No, actually, it will be an 8 minute something with some old geezer smoking.

I thought my disc was broken for a moment.... haha

MetalProxy3832d ago

I would rather have a load screen than the RROD when I turn it on @[email protected]
Its a Joke... :)

Premonition3832d ago

I was surprised there were some still around, yesturday while working at UPS there was an open amazon box and it had the metal gray PS3 with MGS4 included.

ezcex3832d ago

haha hmm ups with open amazon boxes? again? this sounds familiar. no wonder i dont receive my items sometimes. haha

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