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Is Home Ready for Success?

GamerLimit writes: "Sony is constantly thinking of great ways to get the Playstation 3 ahead in the market. With continuous updates and growing support the console has gained ground and momentum since its launch. Sony's announcement of Home gave people another reason to expect huge things from Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony has shown off Home as having many areas to visit in its virtual community. From a theater to game related spaces, the possibilities are endless for Home. But as promising as Home is now, is it truly ready to exceed expectations?"

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bohemian 235725d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
THC CELL5725d ago

home is a lot more than u think man
it will evolve more than the flop box nxe ever will

what sucks anyways

Capt CHAOS5725d ago

"But as promising as Home is now, is it truly ready to exceed expectations?"

i.e. Will it match it's hype? For Sony this could be a first.. but unlikely.

ape0075725d ago

home will be huge.mark my words

but damn it sony we want it now


Yes it will be a success.The only thing that can stop it from being that is if server problems occour due to to many people loging in.I hope sony makes sure that there servers are ready for over 14million PS3 to update at the same time.

Kill Crow5725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

just like NXE is going to sell consoles ....

i.e. it won't.

People are buying PS3's and Xbox's for Games, and in the PS3's case for Blue-Ray. I don't know a SINGLE perseon who is buying a console for the Online Community ... That's just crazy.

When deciding What to buy, do people sit there and go ... Hmmm what's important ... Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 or Kill Zone 2 and LBP ....

.... or do they sit there and Go Hmmmm Avatards and Lips .... or 3D Avatars and Trophies ....

PLEASE people .....

In fact, a major deciding factor these days is probably MORE about how many mates are playing on whuich network ... i.e. if all your mates are on PSN then it'd make sense to go that way ...

FantasyStar5725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

Cross-Game Invites
8 Player Private Chat room in-game.
Voice Messaging

Is that really alot to ask? IT's all about the games first, how important is Youtube Support really?

psnDevistator3565725d ago

If you want an n4g group in home you can. Meet the type of people your attracted with and play games with those people or etc...

Actually I see endless potential in Home.

Sony just has to make sure to implement it right.

JOLLY15725d ago

I thought that home was launching day and date with NXE. Isn't that what was reported a few weeks ago?

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yoghurt5725d ago

I think HOME is being hyped up too much. I love it, I think it looks fantastic, but I also feel I should keep my feet on the ground and appreciate it for what it is. Which is as I understand it a portal to do all things on your playstation, and a central hub for he community. It's all great, and its FREE, but sites are building it up so much like its a world changing thing, therefore setting themselves up for giving it a bad review when it comes. Even though I don't think it should be reviewed, its a service not a game.

bohemian 235725d ago

That still isn't out yet ? At least it only took 2 years for that and going on 3 years for Killzone. Reminds me of a slogan from the army days "Hurry up and wait".

Nitrowolf25725d ago

man sony needs to give us new news on HOME other then its coming soon.

TheColbertinator5725d ago

Many gamers including myself have no idea what HOME is.How in the world are they going advertise it anyway?

Why o why5725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

*shrugs shoulders* I didnt know about facebook until i tried it and luckily HOME is free and maybe the word will spread if its good. Either way its another prong to sony's strengthening of PSN