Google Stadia Reveals New Titles And Release Dates For EA and Others

Here are the latest titles and news from Stadia which includes several EA games.

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UltraNova148d ago

The saying "it will only get worse before it ,ahem... dies" comes to mind.

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Knightofelemia148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Must be desperate if you want to go bed with EA still won't save Stadia and I think PUBG is going to be a mess with the framerate drops, lag inputs that, and lack of other players because no one wants a Stadia. PUBG has higher numbers of online people with Xbox, PS4 and PC the numbers for Stadia are not even a drop in a bucket.

Garethvk148d ago

Older games will not turn things around; especially withva subscription model. They are not going to get a AAA exclusive so they keep churning old content.

Old McGroin148d ago


PUBG has crossplay so Stadia players will play with other console players, works great for Division 2. I have a 17mbps connection and it works just fine for me, never have any input lag issues etc.

Knightofelemia148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

@Old McGroin

Just because you don't have issues doesn't mean other people won't have issues with the frame rate drops input lag. Destiny 2 shows that on Stadia that frame rate issues lag input and the fact the numbers aren't there as compared to people who play Xbox PS4 or pc. There was an article on here last month of a guy reviewing Stadia and he played Destiny 2 his video shows what I have mentioned. You have a Stadia and thats great I hope you enjoy it and I am not being sarcastic but you're betting on a lemon on a race track.

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The story is too old to be commented.