GameArena: Mirror's Edge Review

GameArena writes:
"I certainly came away more confused from Mirror's Edge than I did from any arthouse film. There are so many questions - why are there quick time events? Why does my character clip through the things she needs to grab on to? Why is the story, written by Rhianna Pratchett, a bland take on a tired idea? Why are all the characters either unlike-able or - worse - simply forgettable? Why is the game so short?

It doesn't seem like art, does it. It seems like a bad game. It's not all bad however. The game does look quite pretty, and the first person perspective is a very, very nice touch. Like we mentioned earlier, the world looks fantastic and the atmosphere - the sound, the looks and general feeling exuded - gives the game a sense of immersion they might not have achieved in a third person Prince of Persia style game."

The Good bits:
Cool music.
Visually outstanding.

The Bad stuff:
The game is a buggy mess.
Clipping through objectives isn't fun.
It's a game about freerunning where you have no freedom.
The story is completely generic.

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