Bloodborne Patched To Run at 60 FPS On Regular PS4 But With a Limitation

Bloodborne fans have been waiting for a long time to play the game at 60 FPS and while it might be possible now through a hack, it is not a good solution.


The modder has managed to run the game at proper 60 FPS on both regular PS4 and PS4 Pro using Boost mode but there are still bugs present like blood and other special effects leading to glitches. Still it is a great proof-of-concept for running the game at a higher frame rate.

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NecrumOddBoy1247d ago

Out of curiosity, what is the Pro frame rate? I thought according to IGN Beyond, Brian Altano said they have never patched this to run at a higher frame rate or resolution, even on the PS4 Pro.

caddytrek1247d ago

It has much more stable framerate if you enable boost mode.

Mr Pumblechook1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

THIS IS CLICKBAIT. The headline should make clear that this is not an official patch that is available to everyone, but a ‘patch’ revision for a non-standard hacked PS4.

bouzebbal1246d ago

Nice, golna be sweet.. They hopefully patch it to correct the flaws

1246d ago
Fishy Fingers1247d ago

The article and video give you all the answers....

RosweeSon1246d ago

Which wouldn’t have even got that far without misleading click bait headlines

Skate-AK1246d ago

There was never a Pro patch. It's 1080p 30 fps. Boost made just helps decreases the frametime spikes making the game feel smother than regular PS4.

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kungfuian1247d ago

This story was updated on twitter, guy has it running correctly. Physics are tied to FPS in original making the game play double speed (player movement was fast forward) but guy found work around (now it's reported to be 60 fps with regular player movement).

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Chumdiddy1246d ago

He edited the behavior in that one area, as well as dropping the resolution to 720p. Very cool but not a universal fix.

Now, if someone wanted to spend about a year to go through the entire game and do the same we'd have a patch.

My money is on a straight-up remaster on PS5 anyway so it's probably not worth the effort for anyone to do.

MadLad1247d ago

The guy did the work for them. Just make an official patch.

AK911247d ago

You do realise the developer your taking about right? The Blightown glitch for Dark Souls 1 was fixed with a 4mb mod fix meanwhile the actual developers never went back to bother fixing the issue.

Chumdiddy1247d ago

Did you read anything in the article?

The game physics and most logic are tied to framerates (30fps). Meaning the game essentially runs in fast forward at 60fps.

There won't be a 60fps patch until they literally remake the game to work normally at 60fps.

All this modder did (as awesome as his work is) is edit the eboot and param.sfo to run at 60fps. It's not hard and anyone can do it with a hackable PS4 (firmware 505 or lower). I edit stuff like that, tinker with adding PC mods, etc all the time with other games.

Bloodborne just happens to have tied it's logic to frame rate, something that's not all that rare as many other games also do this. Mostly games that require precise timing of actions will lock it all to ensure that a player (or CPU enemy) can't behave differently if the player finds a way to gain a few FPS. Say, if a graphical option gives a small performance gain or a player learns that...looking at the sky/ground during play gives a boost (or the reverse) the game remains the same.

IIRC, Fallout games have this issue for the same reasons. Go above 60fps and the entire world falls apart lol

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NapalmSanctuary1246d ago

Nah man, he actually got it to run at 60 fps with proper frame timing and game logic timing. This story is outdated.

cooperdnizzle1246d ago

Did you read the article? And you state how easy it is, but I wonder if ya can’t read can ya really do this other Mods you speak of hahah jk

Chumdiddy1246d ago

Yeah, after dropping the frame rate and editing some behavior files. To make it work in more than that specific area that he edited would require a lot more editing. At that point you just remake/remaster the game (my bet on what's going to happen).

You seem like a cool dude and not at all like a total fn r*tard lol
I'm a dev in the PS hacking/PS modding scene. The guy does great work (as mentioned already) but this isn't that special. Now, editing behavior, physics and such to match at 60 is, as Napalm Pointed out was accomplished just hours ago. The article work is nothing special. I work with the tools to do it almost every day for fun and if you one day use a hacked PS4 you'll almost definitely use software I wrote.
You? You seem like an immature 12yo (quite a feat) so...lol? Good luck with that.

Chumdiddy1246d ago


Yeah, I was pretty sure it was Fallout so thanks for confirming. I recall watching a pretty funny video where a user cranked it up to 120fps on PC and the world just imploded. Objects were swirling around in air, ragdoll physics sent haywire, etc. It was funny stuff.

1246d ago
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ANIALATOR1361247d ago

Wasn't frame pacing the issue?

Black-Helghast1247d ago

Isnt it wonderful how people keep experimenting with bloodborne 5 years after it came out? I wonder if miyazaki and everyone at fromsoft will ever stop and say "okay, people still play bloodborne. Let's make bloodborne II"

Ashunderfire861247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Who's to say that they are not making Bloodborne 2? PS5 is an obvious answer for a sequel.

Black-Helghast1246d ago

Pretty sure Miyazaki has said in every recent interview that they are not working on bloodborne sequel. At least not while there still isnt any Elden Ring gameplay...

sleepyhead1246d ago

That niche game developer fromsoft is long gone. As a third party dev, their titles sell in multi-million copies these days. Bringing them in to develop first party exclusives will be difficult now I think.

MajorLazer1246d ago

I'm just waiting (im)patiently for Elden Ring and Demon's Souls remake. That'll fill me up for a while, let From spend their time on BB2.