Microsoft accidentally advertised PlayStation

Recently Microsoft handed out leaflets to advertise Windows Vista but they accidentally advertised PlayStation instead of Vista. Click on read more to see the image.

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Mr_Bun3833d ago

Hope people don't start thinking that Vista is, in any way, related to Sony....On the bright side, at least someone is advertising Sony

jaysquared3833d ago

With the dismal NPD sales this past month Sony needs as much marketing as it can get! There's a freebie my M$.. As good as MS at marketing its games and console I dont think MS would be able to sell a $400 console! Look at how good the 360 sales are compared to the PS3 and it supposedly has a 33% failure rate! With that high of a rate of failure but its still selling compared to the PS3 it seems people would rather for cheap unrealible product than high priced reliable product!

Foliage3833d ago

You must all be mistaken. Those are the new 360 controllers. Like all Microsoft innovations these are truly originals!

wetowel3833d ago

Someones getting fired....

Raoh3833d ago

Here are the official NA NPD console sales to date for 2008
Year to date 2008 via NPD

Column 1 360, column 2 PS3

January 2008 | 229,000 | 270,000 |
February 2008 | 254,000 | 280,000 |
March 2008 | 262,000 | 257,000 |
April 2008 | 188,000 | 187,100 |
May 2008 | 186,600 | 208,700 |
June 2008 | 219,000 | 405,500 |
July 2008 | 205,000 | 225,000 |
August 2008 | 195,200 | 185,400 |
September 2008 | 347,200 | 232,400 |
October 2008 | 371,000 | 190,000 |

360 = 2,457,000 Units
sony = 2,441,100 Units

at a higher price this year, the 360 would be loosing by a wider margin than the 360 is currently leading, for the year of 2008 had it not been for its price cut.

Same goes for japan. MS owners were screaming the ps3 was dead because the 360 was selling more than the ps3 for about 5 weeks after the price drop at about 2-3k a week.... then out of no where the ps3 outsells the 360 with over 30k in sales lol

Why o why3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

can you read what Raoh just posted. You can use words like dismal yet those are the numbers on the 360's own turf. Spin it for me please, pretty please. you've got bubbles this time so please lets here it. LOL

somebody even disagreed with his numbers which he's taken from the world famous NPD. LOL, it must hurt or something

Mr_Bun3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I am not trying to defend Jay, but I think his point abou M$ selling consoles with RRoD affecting so many consoles, is valid. I don't know how M$ is able to push a console that is known for having an extremely high defective rate?!?

jammy_703832d ago

even MS advertise sony more than what sony do :P lol

ezcex3832d ago

The reason people buy defective consoles is because the average consumer is an idiot. They do not think before they purchase, why else do you think this country is in a time of economical distress. We are a country ran on credit, with idiots who don't know a damn about interests rates. I see people buy cars/expensive things everyday not knowing that their interest rate is at a horrific rate of plus 20%, people who rack up their credit cards that don't know that the normal interest rate for a credit card is 24% after the initial period. People need to stop and think before they start tossing their money around.

SL1M DADDY3832d ago

It's in those numbers that I get the greatest chuckle when an Xbox fan says that the PS3 sales are dismal. If so, looking at the NPD numbers, wouldn't that mean that the 360 sales were equally dismal? Not to mention the price difference and that NPD data shows MS's own home turf... The way I see it is that both consoles are selling well enough to make 3rd party game devs happy and that in turn makes me happy with games to play.

KingME3832d ago

"2008 is the Year of the PS3"
"Just wait til LBP, MSG4, Blah Blah Blah comes out."
"Jan - Jun The 360 is dead now, The PS3 has kicked it's butt for the first half of the year in NA, blah blah blah."

Now some guys puts numbers up that shows the 360 winning even though by a small margin and trys to tell 360 fans to spin it since the 360's margin isn't super huge on it's own turf. You guys crack me up!

It's you "roah" and "why o why" that appear to be trying to spin things.

As for the article, perhaps Microsoft doesn't feel as threatened by Sony as Sony feels about MS. (i.e. the Netflix debacle)

Additionally, Anything that has a Microsoft product on it automatically gets bash by you genius as something MS screwed up. Ever thought this was done by an advertisement company, that was hired by MS. Let me guess, "MS should have reviewed the ad before letting it go out." As I said earlier perhaps they don't feel as threatened by the PS brand.

One more thing, is Microsoft also advertising for LAZY BOY for the sofa they kids are sitting on, or maybe Nautica for the shirts the kids are wearing, oh yeah I almost forgot we can't forget about "Image Optical" gotta advertise for those fine glasses the kid is wearing. /sarcasm

You guys are looking SO desperate these days. Quite hilarious!

jaysquared3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"at a higher price this year, the 360 would be loosing by a wider margin than the 360 is currently leading, for the year of 2008 had it not been for its price cut."

And if Sony didn't do their desperation Price drop after only 6 months in the market then the PS3 would've been dead in the water! Doesn't matter who has a price drop or not! Things get cheaper and just because M$ was able to drop the price of the 360 because they are making money of it and doesn't mean they are not playing fair! But in Sony's case they are still losing money for every PS3 sold! They are not even making money off their games! Look at the dismal sales that Socom/LBP had! Doesn't matter if LBP was only released in 2 days last NPD fallout 3 was only out for that much and it outsold LBP 2:1

GiantEnemyCrab3832d ago

"You guys are looking SO desperate these days. Quite hilarious!"

Quoted for Truth!

Well said King.

TheDude2dot03832d ago

It's obviously MS letting slip their next 360 project, NXC. The New Xbox Controller is innovating with new never before seen features like rumble and even motion control.

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Jok3r3833d ago

Just like Sony used PGR3 in some of their ads a while ago ^^

Milky Joe3833d ago

1-1 going into the second half!

OgTheClever3833d ago

I don't remember that, have you got a link?

DJ3833d ago

I definitely remember that one. LOL!

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BananaSlug3832d ago

customers will think:

vista = bad

bad = playstation

playstation =/= 360

360 = buy

SpecialSauce3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

they also advertised a mac on the same ad!! dont know why they didn't show it

Gue13832d ago

consumers does not put that much thinking when buying things anyway...

Sparx_4_4_3833d ago

lol epic failure nah just jokin funny tho