WWE 2K Battlegrounds Proves the WWE and 2K Don't Listen

No one is surprised that WWE 2K21 is cancelled.

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Christopher269d ago

That The Rock screengrab will haunt me for a while.

FlavorLav01268d ago

Looks cool to me, reminds me of a refresh of NBA Jam style graphics and hopefully plays like an old school SNES wrestling game. Arcade style fun looks awesome!

FanboyPolice268d ago

Arcade is always welcome for me

CobraKai268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

They look like midgets fighting. Why does arcade gameplay always have to have “stylized” artwork?

268d ago
FanboyPolice268d ago

I think this is the right direction. They need time to fix what a mess wwe 2k has become. I think they use same engine for NBA 2k and simply doesn't work.

They purchased Playgrounds to make use of that engine I guess. They should do that with NBA too.

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