Nomura: I Hope to Release FFVIIR Part 2 ASAP; Next Game(s) Won’t Completely Deviate From Original

Director Tetsuya Nomura hopes to release FFVII Remake Part 2 as soon as posisble and producer Yoshinori Kitase has something to say about its story.

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Babadook71010d ago

“Won’t completely deviate from the original”

I knew it! I also think I know what they are leading up to in the next game and it’s going to be great.

JokerBoy4221009d ago

Well it's not really a secret what big events come next lol...

borneFROMblood1009d ago

i think he meant how those events will turn out, while we will revisit same events of original it doesn't mean they will play out the same

1009d ago
ninsigma1010d ago

Well that's comforting news! I absolutely loved the first installment but that ending was just not good for me. Became very kingdom hearts like and it just dumps a whole bunch of stuff at you at once. So while I'm not totally against deviation, I just think the ending was executed poorly and was very detached from the rest of the game before it which was a shame because what a game the rest of it was! Perhaps when I do my second play through I'll think differently on the ending. Very much looking forward to part 2!

FullDiveDerail1009d ago

I didn't think it was that complicated but maybe its because I read and watch complicated things all the time.

Lore1009d ago

It wasn’t complicated at all. Very surface level compared to KH which is very tough to follow

ninsigma1009d ago

No, not complicated. By kingdom hearts like I mean the feel of it.
The harbinger looks like it's pulled straight out of KH.

kayoss1009d ago

I played the original game many times and watched all the specials and movies related to FF7. Just finished FF7 remake (great game, on my second play through). There have always this one thing that bothered me. How in the world did Cloud get so good at fighting? He defeated Sephiroth not once but twice. Sephiroth is considered an elite Soldier, Cloud was technically never a a soldier.

djl34851008d ago


1. Cloud was still in the military, so he can still fight.

2. He was infused with Mako, which greatly enhances abilities.

3. You never fight the real Sephiroth in the remake.

Teflon021009d ago

my problem is by the end of chapter 17 I just wanted it to end. The bike stuff is boring and I was hoping after the whole scene, they were going to skip it this time. But nope lol. Which is fair. but it just felt like 14 boss fighter after eachother and I was already annoyed after Rufus and the horrible game design that was his fight

ninsigma1009d ago

Oh man, I really enjoyed Rufus fight. Was wondering the whole game how that was gonna go and wasn't disappointed.
But yeah adding all the extra bosses after the bike boss was really over kill and I was just waiting for it it be over.

UnSelf1009d ago

The Rufus fight is cool.

The Rufus fight on Hard is unnecessary. It’s not even a fight. It’s supremely unfair how I had to defeat him

Thundercat771010d ago

I love FF7 Remake and the new direction they are taking. They went beyond my expectations. I hope to see part 2 on PS5 at least on 2022.

FullDiveDerail1009d ago

Yup, I can't wait to replay this game on PS5. I was going to play it hardmode but I am holding off until I can play it on better hardware. This was a game that looked good but it definitely will benefit significantly from next gen hardware.

UnSelf1009d ago

I’m at the final boss on hard and I can’t seem to defeat him. But once I do I’m taking a nice long break.

TFJWM1009d ago

Just got the plat today. I got a big backlog and wanted to replay the story anyway so did hard mode now.

Spurg1010d ago

"however, for the future parts, the team doesn’t have any intentions to completely deviate from the original game."
This is a vague statement. He should have been specific and said they won't deviate the story period. They have given themselves leeway do whatever they want with the story going forward. That ending can't be brushed off easily it has a tremendous impact on the future of the story.

smashman981009d ago

Well, I mean the whole point of that ending is that they plan on deviating. Its good to hear that they plan on keeping the same general framework of the original story, which I did suspect was going to happen, I expect that perhaps certain parts of the game will play out differently. One that's on everyone's mind is, of course, the one at the end of disc one.

borneFROMblood1009d ago

would be cool if we would have choices :)

1009d ago
LightofDarkness1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

It's clear there will be heavy deviations. He said in another interview that someone is alive who wasn't supposed to be (we all know who that is) and that it will have big story immplications.

If it is who we all know it is, then holy crap is that stupid. I mean really, really stupid. It pisses all over one of the most important story beats of the original and removes a lot of the meaning behind many other story beats. Because it seems in this remake they just can't let anybody die or anyone get hurt, despite the whole story theme of the original being life and death, the feeling of LOSS that comes after death in particular.

The final boss should be Tetsuya Nomura, to prevent him from ruining more of the story. The man shouldn't be allowed near the canon of the Care Bears, nevermind FF7.

WGAF1009d ago

So that mean I shouldn't keep leveling aerith then. Thanks for the heads up. What a waste of time back then.

TFJWM1009d ago

Where do you get that from their statements?

Lionsguard1009d ago

If it's anything like the first part, every character levels up at the same time.

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