Xbox 360 storms past 7m sales in Europe

MCV: Two million sold since June; Platform holder predicts its 'best ever Christmas'

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Arsenal4Ever3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

So it has 7 million in Europe. 11 million in America and 800,000 in Japan.

That's 18.8 million sold. Have I got the figures wrong or has Sony just been doing so well in Europe that the lead has almost dwindled down to nothing??

I think PS3 has 5/6million in America. 2. something in Japan and an install base of 17 million worldwide.

In other words PS3 has at least 10 million in Europe

Fishy Fingers3838d ago

MS have just confirmed they're just shy of 25 million units. Shipped/sold I don't know, but it's more than 18.8 either way.

green3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Going by your logic the ps3 as of June had sold only 11million.4 in the USA,5 in Europe and 2.2 in japan.

So apart from the USA,Japan and Europe (which consists of 51 countries), there are no other countries again that a console can be sold.What happened to the other 137 countries in the world?Did the billions of people that occupy them mysteriously vanish.

Why o why3838d ago

Australia, the rest of asia et el but yep it seems MS have been tricky with the numbers. The price cut in europe definitely done them a favour though as its now cheaper than the wii with twice the tech (except wireless and motion control)

Why o why3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

yeah green, i see you telling ALL those 360 guys that there's more than just doing well in NA to this console war to the point where im now BORED of you being sooo objective *sarcasm* yeah, ummm, right

Arsenal4Ever3838d ago

1.2 - PS3 has install base of 17 million.

5/6mil in USA, 2. something in Japan thats total of 8 million so PS3 in europ must have.

17-8 = 9million.

PS3's ahead in Europe by about 2 million


USA 11 million
Japan 800,000
Europe 8 million

Thats 19.8 million.. PS3 17 million Worldwide.

green3838d ago

Pls can you provide a link to prove that the PS3 is at 9 million in Europe?

vasilisk3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

There's something quite fishy whenever microsoft releases their numbers. Two months ago they stated that they were 22 million 360s sold worldwide. Now it's close to 25. With the NPD numbers telling us that they sold around 700K in NA during these 2 months (their strongest territory) I don't see them selling 2.3 million consoles for these months to the rest of the world.
Now they're telling us that they sold 5 million 360s in 30 months and then they sold another 2 million in 6 months. And the price cut was in September, alive only 2 months now...
Anyone wanna bet that these 2 million consoles are consoles shipped for the holiday season?

vasilisk3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

PS3 is not at 9 million in Europe But it's closer to 8.

Sony stated that they were at more than 5 million back in May. That's 5 million consoles in 14 months because we all know that PS3 was not launched in Europe in Nov 2006 but in March 2007. What took 360 30 months to reach in Europe, PS3 did it in 14 months. So Sony sells approximately 2.2 million/6 months. If you add the fact that Metal Gear Solid 4 was launched in June then it's safe to say that they sold around 2.5 million at least for these six months placing them near 8 million consoles right now.

jaysquared3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

There's no way the PS3 has sold 9 million in Europe. It was just at 5 million this past May.. You really think with the financial crisis Sony was able to sell another 4 million in 6 months? It tooke them 1.5 years to get 5 million!

Love how PS3 fans just flinging numbers around without doing research first!

@Above- please provide a link that says sony has sold 8 million PS3s. If not please rewrite your post to "I think Sony is close to selling 8 million."

In my opinion judging from the bad global economy and the cheaper 360 I would put the PS3 at 7 million as well.. I guarantee however that the 360 will surpass the PS3 this coming holidays because of price alone!

vasilisk3838d ago

Nope you're wrong. As I wrote above, PS3 launched March 2007 in Europe, not November 2006. So it's 5 million consoles in 14 months not in 18 months as you claim. It's funny how you accuse people of not doing their research...
So it's 2.2 consoles per 6 months average for PS3. If you think that PS3 sold less than that with MGS4 out in June for this 6 month period then anything I say won't make any difference. If it's not close to 8 million then it's definitely around 7.5.
And secondly as I wrote above it took 360 30 months to reach 5 million and it took PS3 only 14 months. This means PS3 outselling 360 in Europe more than 2:1. You logic is flawed. You say there's no way for a company that sells 5 million in 14 months to sell 3 million in 6 months (with the release of MGS4 which had a great impact in Europe) but then you easily accept a company that sold 5 million in 30 months to sell another 2 million in 6 months.

Why o why3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


why you smack him so hard. Its like the sense you made makes no sense to them at all. Its right there in MS's and Sony's own numbers. I wonder if anybody can take u on with those facts....lets see

bubbles 4 u anyway

jaysquared3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I'm sure MGS4 made some impact in PS3 sales but dont think that big of an impact you make it out to be. Unless you can provide links that prove other wise your words are just like the word of PS3 fans proclaming how LBP is going to sell 2 million its firt week and how its going to move over a jillion PS3 consoles! LOL! I dont think LBP even sold a single ps3 consoles! Gotta love it though!

Europe is Sony land(even though they keep getting f!cked over by Sony)and the anti trust lawsuits brought on by European Union over M$ practices a few years back didn't help at all in selling the 360s at first. But now that's all settled and no longer in the news M$ is image is getting better. Even better with the new cheap console and the great games coming out! So i'm not suprised that Sony at launch sold more compared to the 360 but like everybody says it doesn't matter how your start its how your finish is where the race is won.

Every PS3 fan in this place proclaimed that 2008 will be the year the PS3 outsells the 360 because it was outselling 360 the FIRST 8 months of the year! But what every PS3 fans keep forgetting its the last 4 months of the year that really counts. And guess who the 360 just outsold 2:1 this last NPD? If that keeps up in the biggest gaming market in the world and the 360 sales continue the way they are in Europe then the 360 doesn't even need japan to outsell the PS3 this year!

Edit-Also according to NPD the PS3 sold after May 2008 in N. America
june 2008-405k
july 2008-225k
august 2008-185k

Total= 1,237,000 PS3 sold after May 2008 even if you add mays number which is 209k the PS3 in N. America, the biggest gaming market in the world Sony only sold a little less than 1.5 million PS3s. With those numbers you really think the PS3 could've sold 3 million PS3s in Europe when it couldn't even sell 1.5 million in the BIGGEST GAMING MARKET in the world? We dont' know how much Sony has sold in Europe right now but I highly doubt unless you can provide facts that its at 8 million. In fact after pulling those NPD numbers I highly doubt the PS3 is even at 7 million in Europe!

MURKERR3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

a lot of reports state over 33% thats over a quarter of sales so how many of these so called 'millions' were to the same customers? ms are being very coy and elusive show some financial sheets like sony and nintendo do

they say every cloud has a silver lining ms have used rrod to inflate numbers

jaysquared3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

and how many of those 100 million plus PS2 owners were returned customers because their console stopped reading DVDs or they wanted to upgrade to the slim ones? We dont know but it doesn't really matter. A console sold is a console sold..

"ms are being very coy and elusive show some financial sheets like sony and nintendo do "

What are you talking about M$ is a publicly traded company like Sony and Nintendo they have to publish their financial sheets to their shareholders and to the public.. So get your facts straight before you make yourself look like an idiot!

Why o why3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

damn. you really are just blinded or love playing the 'wrong n strong' role. What vasilisk is saying is that the trend was already in the ps3'e favour and that trend is that it is outselling the 360 regardless. He even corrected your false release date and gave you the numbers. He mentioned the release of metal gear because he believes it would also spike sales on top of the constant outselling of the 360 just like the NPD in the US said it did over there so why not over here huh? What vasilisk didnt mention was that there has been a price decrease in Europe so that logically would spike more sales plus most of the sales charts from Europe show the ps3 on top even though the 360 had a head start.

Remember that it was MS's own people that stated that they had to do more to compete in Europe yet your here banding numbers around and saying stuff like its only certain months that matter. lol cumon now. Ill wait until the end of the year just like last year when the gap was proved to be closing AGAINST what all of you boys were telling us .....tut tut

an A for effort because u did at least try;)

3003838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


The US is the biggest gaming market in the world is it?

This report says different.

In 2007 the US was ranked 3rd, Europe 2nd. Europe is Sony land and Sony sold 5.5m PS3's in 14 months (april 2007 - may 2008). An approximate 6 months of sales using average monthly data gives you 2.3m, add that to 5.5m they where at in May, places them close to 8m in Europe - thats basic math, without taking into account sales spikes like MGS4.

Well done to MS for getting to 7m in Europe. Even if it took ’em longer.

AAACE53838d ago

It's good to see they are getting some traction in those tires, and not just slipping on the ice like they were doing! Sometimes you have to downshift, in order to make any progress.

For those who didn't get that... The lower price helped them move some consoles.

3838d ago
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Omega43838d ago

WOW 2ml in such a short period very impressive, MS will certainly have one of the best xmas' yet and without a Halo title as well

They are certainly going all out to ensure they beat the PS3 this gen and its defiantly working, come next year with the release of Halo:Recon and the heavily rumored 360 slim there will likely be another explosion of sales to allow them to cruise through 2009 as well without the need of a pricecut

Fishy Fingers3838d ago

MS have stated they will not be another price cut for years, I imagine they've got it as low as they can.

"going all out to ensure they beat the PS3 this gen and its defiantly working,"

Well they been outsold by both the PS3 and Wii since their launch so I'm not sure it's "definitely working". But I imagine they'll have a good Christmas, beating Sony but not close to Nintendo.

jaysquared3838d ago

No console this gen is going to get close to the wii! Its unstoppable at this point. 2 years after it launched and its still selling like hot cakes when everybody proclaimed it was just a fad! Its no longer a fad! the consumers love the wii. The gaming industry is back to to the original king. I can now say Nintendo is going to be this gens console wars winner.

Sarcasm3838d ago

"I imagine they've got it as low as they can. "

If they shut down Rare, they can drop the 360's price to $149 FOR THE CONSOLE WARS WIN!


BIoodmask3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

The price cut in Europe has definitely had a positive effect on Xbox 360 sales. Microsoft has stated previously that sales have increased 200% since the price cut.

The price cut was the right move at the right time. The Holiday season sells the most consoles when compared to other times of the year.

TheColbertinator3838d ago

Exactly.Not to mention I have noticed people buying 360s sometimes just for one game like Left 4 Dead or Gears 2.I think people should show some respect to a company dedicated to delivering content like games and updates in a timely manner.Look at how they announced Gears of War 2 this spring,funded the development,and placed it firmly on a November release without delays.I consider that service

jaysquared3838d ago

definitely true steven. also the fact M$ is just delivering the games and providing more and more incentives in paying for XBL. I love the new netflix stream feature this has to be the best update ever!

cayal3838d ago

Yep, they provide excellent service. Just crap hardware.

Silogon3838d ago

Let me do the math really quick... 7 million in 3 years time. Is that good? Ps3 has 6.7 million in not even 18 months time over there... I guess we know how to read into bias media drivel more than ever this gen.

Also, 7 million + 12 million + 800,000 is hardly 25 million units sold world wide, Microsoft. Maybe you should tighten up them sales numbers a bit and the graphics on level 3 while you're at it.

morganfell3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

The overall 25 mil figure comes in because this is the one way in which they finally acknowledge, albeit in silence, that they are counting multiple 360 ownership that occurs when you send your console in for repair. You get a 'new' 360 back (in their mind).

ultimolu3838d ago

I find it extremely suspicious as well. It sounds like they're inflating numbers.

Foxgod3838d ago

howabout you add canada, asia and australian numbers.

theKiller3838d ago

only time will show how weak is the software sales because of multiple consoles per user or when they send a new 360 for those who had problems with their original 360!

i think there is around 3 million unused 360's and the fact that ps3 software is much stronger than 360 in europe since both they r about the same size install bases shows this reality!

ps3 software sales is greater than 360 with the similar install base why?

360 software sales barely double of the ps3 sales in USA and it has 3 time more install base of ps3 why?

ReTarDedFisHy3838d ago

and MS' numbers are based on consoles shipped not sold.

cmrbe3838d ago

Canada is counted in NA. NA is US+Canada+Mexico.

tortella3838d ago

PS3 has surpassed x360 in Europe

MS has shipped 25m x360s but they will reach that number by the end of this december

But bad news is after 08 MS has no more trump cards to play since x360 has already gone below 200$ and is the chepeast console in most parts of the world

There are around 20m PS3s worldwide by NOW. PS3 will reach 23m by December

X360 will hit 26m-27m by the end of December

PS3 will completely crush x360 in 09 when SONY can go for a price cut

an x360 costs less than a PS2 (100 euro) in many parts of the world. Those 25m is the SHIPPED number

karlostomy3838d ago

at the excellent sales numbers for MS.

god. get a life. douchebags.

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pp3838d ago

Awesome Microsoft i congratulate you on your imminent victory for world domination.

signed pp.

Why o why3838d ago

im glad to see there is still some humour around here. We need Dark Sniper back on our side to deal with you (all in good fun though)