Xbox 360 uses Three light bulbs of Power

How much does your Xbox 360 cost you to run anyway? Is your significant other, roommate, or parents telling you that you're running up the power bill?

Read on for the scoop on exactly how much electricity you're using, and which elements consume the most power.

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TheMART4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

This has been news before, but then for all three the consoles. Most funny is:

"Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3, due on US shores on November 17, sucks up 380 watts of power, a far cry from the PS2 which sips a mere 45 watts. That means the PS3 uses more than twice the 160 watts consumed by the Xbox 360. The PS3's 380 watts will cost you around $40 a year to run if you play it two hours a day."


Doesn't make sense what you say. XBL is a premium service, Sony network isn't. MLB 2k7 has 30 person league on 360, 12 persons on PS3. Tony Hawk, Virtua Tennis 3 have online for 360, none for PS3.

We're talking about the power consumption here. Not other costs. Isn't the PS3 200 dollars/euro more expensive then the 360, but still the PS3 has a version thats less on the game then the 360? Logical enough for you?

PS3 uses twice the power the 360 uses. PS3 uses 100 MB for OS, at least triple the amount the 360 uses of the 512 MB Ram.

Conclusion 360 is more efficient then the PS3

PSN Starfleets4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Yea but you get something extra with those dollars. An awesome Multiplayer platform and reputable service, that exceeds anything Sony will have.

So a 360 owner gets that, plus a cheaper electricity bill.


MissAubrey4907d ago

so.. who cares! how much does the use?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Cost depends on where you live, energy prices very by what part of the country you live in and what country you live in. A PS3 owner living in CA is more likly to pay in the hundreds per year for energy while a PS3 owner may pay a little more than xbox live in KS. But over all your electric bill is going to cost more than Xbox live and with what I read the 360 is more enegery efficient so you are right.