No Price Cuts for the Wii or DS, Says Nintendo

Softpedia writes: "There's a tough console war on the market these days, with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony engaged in a fierce fight to win over any customer who hasn't yet made a decision as to what product he should buy. It isn't very pretty though, as some executives from these companies resorted to mocking, with or without the proper arguments, the rival products and proclaiming their own consoles as the best on the market."

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Rockstar3836d ago

These things fly off the shelves as it is.

TheColbertinator3836d ago

I think that if Nintendo makes one more price cut,it could break the PS2 record by next year.It would also force Microsoft and Sony follow the same strategy since it could destroy all the work they have put into the PS3 and 360.That would be hilarious

BrotherNick3836d ago

Yeah, a 50 dollar price drop would sell like hotcakes.

TheColbertinator3836d ago


Imagine if they bundle a 200 dollar Wii with Smash Bros Brawl ^o^

ChickeyCantor3836d ago

Quick Batman to the shockmobile!