Sofpedia - Far Cry 2 Review

Softpedia's Andrei Dobra writes: "Far Cry 2 was one of the most expected games this holiday season, promising to bring back the same great shooter experience as well as the fabulous graphics and highly detailed world of the first title. Ubisoft heavily marketed this game and said that it would completely change the way players looked at other shooters, setting a benchmark that would be hard to match."

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da7dal3837d ago

The graphics and realism are awesome the fire is so cool BUT the missions just REALLY SUCK example:

1- Sh1t mission 1 completion time: 40 min
One mission I prepared my sniper rifle, camo suit, silenced pistol and headed to the target (about a 15 min drive) it turns out i have to shoot a generator. so I killed like 3 guards and shot the generator twice that was it.

2- Sh1t mission 2 completion time: 50 min
One other mission I drove and drove for a while I got sick along the way, took malaria pills unlocked safe house and saved the game so I can prepare to assassinate my target. when I got to the poor fellow, he was alone by himself in a warehouse just talking on the phone. I just shot him in the head and mission was complete.