PSM: PS3, 360 are even

PlayStation-centric US magazine PSM has put PS3 and Xbox 360 through a series of rigorous tests in a "definitive head-to-head comparison," and has come out with what must be a surprising result for subscribers: the next-gen console war is a dead heat.

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Maddens Raiders4902d ago

has just passed because someone at PSM is sooo fired.

Joe4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

Can someone scan the PSM article and post it? I would like to read the article from beginning to end before I comment.


CyberSentinel4902d ago

...ask anyone who has BOTH systems, and see which one MOST of them choose .

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

mananimal4902d ago

I would like 2read the entire article also, but the "MEDIA" controls public opinion/public perception, so in light of the current "Facts" in regards to PS3's(Sony) woes as of late, and the XBOX 360's success's, a usually partisan/pro-Playstation magazine like PSM has no other choice currently but to give 360 its "props" sort of, it can't say PS3's winning the next-gen war cause that would be ridiculous, but for the sake of swaying public opinion, maintaining a positive outlook on things for PS3, it cant say Sony's losing either,(even though this would be more accurate at the present time), So what does a partisan Magazine like PSM do? ..they say its "even"(even though this isnt true currently) ..REMEMBER this is about "PR"(public relations boys & girls), PSM is attemping sway public opinion to keep the fan boys & potential fence sitters from giving up on PS3.

Marriot VP4902d ago (Edited 4902d ago )

Anyways, I believe you should choose whatever console fits your style - of course.

DJ4902d ago

And based on everything that happened in 06, it basically is a draw...for now. This is an independent magazine, so it's not like Sony's going to drop down on them. They were brave enough to bring in Fran from their sister magazine (Xbox side), which is pretty admirable. A second or even third comparison is inevitable considering the kind of changes Sony's system is gonna go through in the near future.

FeralPhoenix4902d ago

lol -Wow, no joke I was in the store today and I actually read this exact same article from I see it posted on N4G, damm thats cool!....DJ, either you are trying to "spin" this or you haven't read the entire article because in their conclusion(opinion) they specifically said that neither system would ever dominate the other this gen -(in so many words). It was wierd to see them say so many good things about the 360, they like 360's exclusives and this was not specifically directed at fact the reason they said it was a draw was because it really comes down to the games you prefer....saying the 360 would have better games from western dev's and online content and of course PS3 will have more of the Japanese style dev games , sure both will have a mix but this will be their strength....whats really interesting is more and more "sources" are saying that Blu-ray isn't going to be a "significant" difference for GAMES -NO I'm not implying that they said it was bad for them....actually I've always said more space is always good, but like I've been telling you it's not something in this gen that will be "neccessary" for games, thats for those who want Blu-ray HD movies and don't want to buy a expensive player...the PS3 is without a doubt a good value -AGREED. At any rate I will say that: This one article from PSM actually gave me alot of respect for the MAG as a does take alot of guts to go against the grain and "try" to be un-biased in what is essentially suppose to be a "bias magazine."