Can You Beat Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Without A Lightsaber?

SWTORStrategies: "Can you beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order without a lightsaber? We set out to answer that question."

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NecrumOddBoy458d ago

I have fought a couple mini bosses with force powers only.

DragonWarrior19458d ago

The game is pretty middle of the road plot wise but I had a blast pushing enemies off cliffs to their doom with Force Push.

rainslacker458d ago

There are a couple fights which require you use the light saber to progress. Some of them are skippable fights though. If you exclude those few fights, then yeah, it should be possible.

Gaming4Life1981458d ago

Yea I don't think so either because some bosses the force push barely does anything to them.

Knightofelemia457d ago

Would be an interesting stream if a speedrunner did a no lightsaber run while speedrunning the game