5 Moments FF7 Remake Completely Nailed

Was FF7 Remake everything you though it would be?

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Teflon02353d ago

the last 2 chapters weren't nailed by a design standpoint.

Lore353d ago

The last three chapters were among my favorite of the entire game. Although the whole game was flawless so it’s hard to really judge. Those who are stubborn and went into it without an open mind are those who will complain about any changes. The changes were necessary to keep the FFVII world that they lovingly created all those years ago alive. They now have an opportunity to give us all more of the characters once this remake is done. Can span out to multiple numbered games in the series now.

So as a fan of the story, world and cast of characters, I for one am really pleased at the potential for it to be expanded upon past the end of the original game if that’s where the writers are going to go with it. Would also be really hard to do so if all the characters were killed off, which is another baffling reason for people to be irritated by changes. The fact that certain characters may have survived beings joy to many people’s hearts versus the former being the end result.

Scissorman82353d ago

Having played 90+ hours of this game, the only way an FFVII remake would have worked was as a multi-part game. I'm amazed at how much the team was able to squeeze out of Midgar alone and expand upon in the remake.

And I 100% agree on the last three chapters being some of the best the game has to offer. It is a non-stop adrenaline-fueled ride that kept me hooked until the very end. Bring on the changes to the story too. These are some of the most recognizable and, to be honest, overused characters in Square Enix's roster. To make them feel new and exciting again coupled with the uncertainty of what lies ahead is something I fully support. ^_^

jambola352d ago

someone with no experience in design i bet

Juancho51352d ago

I think the entire game was a masterpiece, and I LOVED the scene where Elmyra speaks about how she found Aerith. That whole segment and story brought tears to my eyes!

Scissorman82347d ago

I know! I'm glad that Elmyra goes so much more screen time in the remake.